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John Avlon

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Daily Beast's Avlon Slams Tea Party on CNN; Praises GOP Establishment as 'Sanity Caucus'

On Wednesday's New Day on CNN, The Daily Beast's John Avlon and his wife, Margaret Hoover, gloated over the recent defeats of Tea Party-backed candidates in Republican primaries. Avlon strongly ...
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CNN's Bolduan Rips Conservative Super PAC's 'Sexist' Jab at Hillary's 'Shopping Sprees'

On Monday's New Day, CNN's Kate Bolduan blasted conservative super PAC America Rising for a supposedly bigoted attack on Hillary Clinton. The group recently attacked the former secretary of state ...
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CNN Cheerleads Budget Deal; Rebukes 'Fringe' Tea Party Dissenters

CNN hosts and analysts actively cheered the House budget deal and scoffed at Tea Party conservatives who opposed it, on Wednesday and Thursday. "I think this is great, what we're hearing here. ...
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CNN Keeps Paddling Republicans Who Voted to Defund ObamaCare

On Monday morning's New Day, CNN continued whacking Republicans who voted to defund ObamaCare after comparing them to "inmates" who were "running the asylum" on Friday. CNN contributor John Avlon ...
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Cable ‘News’ Network: CNN Devotes Multiple Segments to Mockery, Criticism of Conservatives

Instead of reporting hard-hitting news, Thursday's 9 a.m. ET hour of Newsroom featured conservatives getting whacked by a gauntlet of talking heads, celebrities, and centrist and liberal ...
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CNN Pleads With Republicans, 'Don't Fear the Grover'

CNN broke out the pom-poms on Monday and cheered the Republicans who reneged on Grover Norquist's no-tax hike pledge. CNN contributor John Avlon lauded them as "profiles in courage." Avlon ...
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On CNN, Elizabeth Warren Is a 'Reformer'; Michele Bachmann a 'Wing-Nut'

During the 5 a.m. hour of Wedesday's Early Start, CNN's Soledad O'Brien lauded Democratic Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren as a "reformer, that's what she ran on," and Ali Velshi chimed in saying ...
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CNN Panel Whacks 'Out of Touch' Romney for Horse In Olympics

In a move out of the liberal playbook, CNN hammered Mitt Romney on Thursday for appearing out of touch because his horse is competing in the "elitist" Olympic event of dressage. "He's back ...
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CNN's Gergen Praises Clinton's 'Leadership' on Gun Control

In lock step with his network's anti-gun push, CNN analyst David Gergen praised Bill Clinton's "guts" for standing up for gun control, on Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360. "Listen, there was a ...
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Newsweek/Daily Beast's Yarrow Would Take Heart Back from Cheney, 'One of the Most Evil People in the World'

On Monday’s edition of Newsweek/TheDaily Beast's daily NewsBeast in-house video, the promotional “highlight” was Newsweek/Daily Beast assignment editor and reporter Allison Yarrow saying of ...
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