Networks Push for Infrastructure Spending, Ignore Cost and Danger of Federal Failures

ABC, CBS and NBC silent about mistakes that took lives during Hurricane Katrina, wasted countless tax dollars for years.
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Networks Won't Admit Occupiers Want 'Socialist' Revolution

Marxism abounds at Wall Street protests, but ABC, CBS and NBC barely mention call for anti-capitalist revolt.

Obama's 'Political Victory' Makes Lead Story; His 'Major Setback' Set Back on Page 13

Double standards on story placement? A story on passage of trade agreements promising "minor" economic benefits makes Thursday's lead slot and is trumpeted as a "political victory," yet when ...

Jobs Grow by 103,000, But Obama Still 6.2 Million Jobs from Promise

September shows job gains, unchanged 9.1% unemployment rate

CNN's Velshi Admits Press Went Soft on Obama's Tax Hike Plan

CNN's financial guru Ali Velshi admitted that the press didn't really challenge President Obama's proposal for tax hikes after his Thursday press conference on his jobs bill. Velshi, perhaps going ...

CBS Lets Wasserman Schultz Bash GOP, Omits Her Rosy Economic Spin

CBS's Erica Hill let DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz bash congressional Republicans unopposed on Thursday's Early Show. Hill also failed to ask the Florida Democrat about her eye-opening ...

Democratic Obstruction of Obama's Jobs Bill Elicits Yawns from the Networks

The network newscasts on Wednesday downplayed Democratic obstruction of Barack Obama's jobs bill, offering only minor coverage. Good Morning America and Early Show allowed brief mentions. In an ...

Awful Unemployment Rate Left Out of More Than 3/4 of Job Stories

Network evening shows talk about employment woes, but rarely mention 9.1 percent figure.

Networks Call Solyndra 'Headache' for Obama, But No Problem for Green Jobs Policies

ABC, CBS and NBC all report on scandal surrounding failed solar company, but refuse to criticize the loan program it utilized.

Matt Lauer Fawns Over Clinton: 'Are You Surprised at How Good You Are?'; Allows Him to Bash GOP

In a softball interview with Bill Clinton on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer gushed over the former president's Global Initiative: "One of the things that's always impressed're ...
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