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Fem Site: Mayweather ‘Bats**t Insane’ for Leaving Ex for Aborting Twins

>Boxer claims he’s against ‘killing babies.’
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Liberal Civility: Cardinal Is ‘Bullsh*tter,’ ‘Blowhard’ on Gay Marriage

Jezebel Attacks Dolan over gay marriage remarks.
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Jezebel, The 'Mainstream' of Feminism

Liberals love as “the closest thing we have to an engaging and mainstream feminist news outlet” It may be “mean, petty, biased, and irresponsible - but it is utterly necessary.”
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‘Book of Jezebel’: Kids are ‘Side Effect of Sex’ and Other Definitions

Ugly selfishness and scorn in dictionary of liberal feminism.
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Jezebel: ‘Many’ Told to Save Virginity for Jesus, ‘Married Penis Divine’

The feminist site keeps it classy.
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Fem Site Showcases Illegal Abortionist

With the tide of popular opinion and state law running against them, abortion absolutists are turning to saviors (Wendy “Pink Tennis Shoes” Davis) and martyrs like the one profiled recently on the ...
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Media Company Won’t Run Clinic Ad; Abortion Fans Howl

Clear Channel under fire for refusing to advertise new abortion mill.  
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Jezebel: Down Syndrome Babies ‘Live Terrible Lives’

Wacky feminist site complains about saving child.
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Jezebel Praises UK’s Rise in Abortions

Abortion is often a polarizing issue, but even the average pro-choicer would agree that it is a morally difficult issue to deal with. Not the “Shiny Happy Ladies” of Jezebel.
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Ads So Vulgar Even Lefties are Offended?

Playtex campaign’s cheap sex jokes fall flat.
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