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ABC Features James Carville for Weiner Lecture, NBC Frets Over 'Damage' to Hillary

ABC and NBC on Thursday continued to fret over the implications the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal will have on Hillary Clinton. Today's Matt Lauer worried, "By association, does this do damage to ...
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Ted Cruz Has All the Right Enemies

Few people try to paint Sen. Ted Cruz as a lightweight -- except the lightweights.
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It's Raining Dems: Clinton Pals Stephanopoulos and Carville Avoid Obama's Woes

It may have looked like a Bill Clinton reunion tour, but it sounded like a Jimmy Carter pity party. Former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos interviewed current Democratic operatives ...
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George Stephanopoulos to Dem Buddy Carville: 'Give Some Advice to Mitt Romney'

Who's the best person to give Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney advice? Why, longtime Democratic strategist James Carville, of course. Recapping the Super Tuesday primaries on ...
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