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Bozell Column: No Shutdown for Biased Media

After all of the hype and horror of network scare stories on a potential government shutdown, the entire fight looks like a war over who was splitting the pizza delivery bill...tip.

ABC's Tapper Boasts of Giving Anti-Shutdown Talking Point to President Obama

Instead of being embarrassed by how their story generated a talking point for the President to use in a partisan political battle, ABC on Thursday night boasted of how President Obama cited Jake ...

Media Dust Off 1995 Shutdown Playbook of Cliches to Cover Budget Fight

As a potential government shutdown looms the liberal media are filling their programs with stories about dire consequences of deep cuts that will lead to troops not getting paid, closed national ...

Dire Consequences of Shutdown: ABC Invokes Washington Monument, Liberty Bell and Kids with Cancer, But Cheetahs Will Be Fed

It's a cliche that a federal shutdown would send liberals and journalists scurrying to show people harmed by highlighting a closed Washington Monument and disappointed tourists ' a cliche ABC's ...

ABC Preemptively Hits GOP for 'Steep Price' of Budget Cuts to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Although a government shutdown hasn't occurred yet, ABC's Good Morning America has already begun showcasing the possible dire impacts of such a budget impasse. Reporter Jake Tapper highlighted ...

NBC, CBS Morning Shows Gloss Over Low Support for Obama's Libya Attacks, Harsh Criticism

Only Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Tuesday pointed out the relatively low public support for Barack Obama's military actions in Libya and the harsh criticism from both the right and the left.

'Big Fan' Jake Tapper Offers One-Sided Puff Piece on Vulgar Mormon Musical

According to Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, reporter Jake Tapper is a "big fan" of South Park. His affection showed on Friday as he interviewed the program's creators, the duo behind a ...

ABC and NBC Resort to Using 'Bert and Ernie' and 'Big Bird' to Undermine Effort to De-Fund NPR

Demonstrating how the media are an obstacle to any spending cuts, NBC and ABC on Wednesday night resorted to citing Sesame Street characters as potential "casualties in a war over culture and ...
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