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Jackie Calmes

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NYT's Calmes Keeps 'Stimulus' Fires Burning for Obama, Versus 'Crude' Argument by Romney Supporter

For years Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes has loyally defended Obama's "stimulus," and she keeps the flame burning on the eve of the election in a story with this photo caption in her ...
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NYTimes Videocast Hits Disrespectful, 'Peevish' Romney's 'Serious Gaffe' on Libya -- But Contradicted By Own Editors

Times reporter Michael Barbaro: "Let be go back to something Jackie said, you know, when Mitt Romney announced on national television in a debate that President Obama didn't say the word ...
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Pre-Debate, New York Times Defends Obama from 'Bad Hand' Dealt by Bush

Defending Obama in a pre-debate pre-fact-check:"Nonpartisan analysts agree that Mr. Obama inherited a bad hand: the 2009 deficit was a projected $1.2 trillion when he took office because of ...
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NYT's Calmes Defends Obama, Again Claims Obama-Care Will Cut Deficit

As usual, Times White House correspondent Jackie Calmes waved the deficit blame away from Obama, and clung to the dubious idea that Obama-care would actually reduce the deficit. "The fiscal ...
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New York Times Blares Mildly Good Poll News for Obama on Two Consecutive Front Pages

Sunday's New York Times front page: "Challenged on Medicare, G.O.P. Loses Ground." Saturday's front page: "Poll Finds Obama Is Erasing Romney's Edge on Economy." Buried fact: Obama is only up by ...
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Once More, NYTimes Dubiously Defends Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' as 'Taken Out of Context'

There they go again. New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes said speakers at the Democratic convention "sought to counter a Republican convention theme, based on an Obama quote taken out of ...
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NYT's Calmes Elevates Liberal 'Fact-Checking': GOP 'Falsehoods' Have 'Reached a Level Not Typically Seen'

Times reporter Jackie Calmes elevates the slanted "fact checkers" of the liberal press in their fight to frame Romney and Ryan as liars: "The partisan operative’s critique was harsh even by the ...
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NYTimes' Calmes Praises Obama's 'Thoughtful' Response in Web Q&A, Defends Him on Welfare From GOP

Times reporter Jackie Calmes gushed: "In response to a question about the most difficult decision he had had to make in office, he wrote a thoughtful and lengthy answer that began: 'The ...
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Paul Ryan Greeted With 'Conservative' Labels, Seen as Proudly Conservative Compared to 'More Pragmatic' Obama

Times reporter Jackie Calmes sounds unhappy with Romney's choice of Paul Ryan: "His blueprint would greatly shrink the government, largely undoing the social safety net by shifting more costs ...
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NYT: Calmes Remembers 'Jaw-Dropping Crowds' for Obama 5 Years Ago vs. Mitt's Small, 'Overwhelmingly White' Numbers

Times reporter Jackie Calmes compared the "diversity" of Obama's campaign crowdsderisively against those who come to see Mitt Romney: "About 4,200 people of all ages and colors spread across a ...
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