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With Friends like Obama: President Undercuts U.S. Allies to Media Silence

To media, only conservatives guilty of ‘unilateralism.’
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Ted Turner: U.S. and Israel Should Disarm to Prevent Nuclear Iran

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, the news network's founder, Ted Turner, complained that a double standard exists between the U.S. and Israel being allowed to ...
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NYTimes Still Promoting Leftist Doves at J Street as 'Pro-Israel'

Helene Cooper imagines "divisions" within the Jewish community over attacking Iran's nuclear weapons program, using a left-wing Israeli organization the Times has desperately tried to built up as ...

New York Times Fronts Anti-War Reporting Against Action in Iran: 'Could Leave Hundreds of Americans Dead'

The New York Times, laboring under the false impression it participated in George W. Bush's "rush to war" in Iraq, is pushing back hard against the prospect of preemptive action against Iran's ...
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Ethan Bronner Files One More Consolation Card for the Palestinian Cause, on the Front Page

Outgoing Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner passed on one more consolation card for the Palestinian cause: "...the Palestinians were at the center of Middle Eastern politics, their struggle ...
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Dowd Gets Offensive on GOP 'Warmongers,' Israel, and the Iraq War

Maureen Dowd: "Romney wrote a blank check to Bibi Netanyahu, who governs a nation roiling with reactionary strains, ultra-Orthodox attacks on women and girls and attempts at gender ...

ABC's Amanpour: Conservative 'Gang' Were 'Frog-Marching' U.S. to War with Iraq

On Thursday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's Christiane Amanpour characterized conservatives as several years ago "frog-marching" the U.S. to war in Iraq as she discussed the ...

Long Defense of NYT's Israel Coverage Utterly Fails to Rebut 'Toxic' Critics

It's no shock former Times reporter Neil Lewis would disagree with pro-Israel conservatives who criticize the Times for an anti-Israeli slant. What's odd is how weak his counter-evidence is. Lewis ...

NBC Relays Palestinian 'Propaganda' from Bethlehem During Christmas

On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, as he recounted Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, correspondent Martin Fletcher relayed Palestinian complaints about Israel.

Schultz Derides GOP 'Fearmongering' on Iran As Panetta Hints at Military Strike

On Monday's The Ed Show, MSNBC host Ed Schultz accused Republican presidential candidates of "fearmongering" on the issue of the danger posed by a nuclear Iran.
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