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Networks’ Evening Shows Don’t Name Islam in London Terror Attack

Anchors, reporters tip-toe around attacker's Islamic radicalism.
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Gayle King Plays Up Columnist's Fear of 'Backlash' Against Muslims; He Also Took Far Left to Task

On Monday's CBS This Morning, open liberal Gayle King ballyhooed a guest's fear that Americans might target Muslims in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. The news host thought it was "very ...
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NY Times' Boston Coverage Stumbles Over Soft Headlines and Suspect's 'Jumbled' Politics

Doesn't sound very "jumbled" to us. Columnist Charles Blow insisted that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's "politics seemed jumbled," based on the suspect's Twitter feed: "On Election Day he retweeted a tweet ...
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Barbaro's Bashing of NYC's GOP Mayoral Candidate Highlights NYT's Double Standards on Religious Mockery

Joseph Lhota is a moderate Republican running for mayor of New York City, but Michael Barbaro's front-page story focuses on an incident from 1999 when he inflamed Manhattan's artsy left-wing ...
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New York Times Attacks 'Odious...Racist' Opponents of Radical Islam, Again

The New York Times has a history of attacking opponents of radical Islam or offensively blaming an unwelcoming Western society for driving some young Muslims to commit terrorist slayings. ...
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Al’s Jazeera: Gore Sells Current to Network with ‘Aligned’ Views?

Are Current TV and Al Jazeera birds of a feather?
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NYTimes Blames Jailed Filmmaker for Criticizing Muhammad: 'After Fueling Deadly Protests, No Regret'

The New York Times versus free expression on Monday's front page: "Fuming for two months in a jail cell here, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has had plenty of time to reconsider the wisdom of making ...
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NYT Movie Critic A.O. Scott Defends Criminal Vandalism of 'Savage' Subway Poster: 'Free Expression' and 'Democracy'

New York Times movie critic A.O.Scott elevates criminal vandalism of a subway poster put up by "extremist" Pamela Geller to "free expression" and "democracy":"It might not be something that's ...
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Western Civ in the Age of Obama

NYTimes, a Journalistic Enterprise, Is Ambivalent About the Free Expression Rights of Others

Times journalist Somini Sengupta is ambivalent about that whole free expression thing, at least when it comes to other people's speech: "One of the challenges of the digital age, as the YouTube ...
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