Maureen Dowd Whines About Rush's 'Personal Invective,' Then Brings Up His Past Addiction

Hypocrisy on parade: After accusing Rush Limbaugh of making personal attacks against her, columnist Maureen Dowd seized the moral high ground by...bringing up Limbaugh's past struggles with the ...

NYT Co., a Big Corporation, Fawns Over Anti-Corporate Saboteurs 'The Yes Men'

The left-wing anti-corporate parodist duo "The Yes Men" have posed as spokesman for big companies like McDonald's, Dow Chemical, as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And the liberals at the ...

Media Embrace Millionaire Moore's Vendetta against Capitalism

Like 'Sicko,' journalists gush over 'provocative' anti-Wall Street flick, leave out filmmaker's critics.

NYT Co. Plays Hardball with Boston Globe, Imposes 23% Pay Cut

Former GE chief executive Jack Welch sees hypocrisy: "So ironic to see NYT act so brutish toward labor. Certainly would be crucifying any Company with labor practices like theirs."

In Cairo, Times Decides It's OK to Use Barack Obama's Full Name

The Times flayed the GOP for saying "Barack Hussein Obama" during the campaign, but celebrates the president's middle name when it may benefit him overseas. Plus, Obama's effortless diplomacy in ...

The NYT Co.'s Hypocritical Hardball vs. Boston Globe Unions

The New York Times Co. is playing hardball with the Boston Globe, threatening to shut it down unless it got more cuts from the Globe's unions, without a trace of its flagship paper's vaunted ...

Frank Rich's Inconvenient "Bigots" Against Gay Marriage

Frank Rich sees "the demise of America's anti-gay movement" and warns those "who have spread the poisons of bigotry and fear" by opposing gay marriage." Does that include President Obama and the ...

Dead-Tree Hypocrisy

The Times chides Americans for their tree-killing "obsession" with soft toilet tissue: "But fluffiness comes at a price." So, how many trees have to die to churn out one million editions of the ...

Now They Tell Us: John McCain a "War Hero," Barack Most Liberal Senator

With Obama safely in the White House, McCain-hostile reporter Elisabeth Bumiller says the military preferred McCain to the "liberal" Obama.
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