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New Climate Alarmist Tack: Go Green for God

HuffPo blames right-wing pundits for leading evangelicals away from warming gospel.
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Feminist Calls for Sex Strike in Texas

HuffPo writer rants for women to pressure men to vote feminist.
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Lefties Say Marriage Ruling Not Pro-Gay Enough

One-Sided Huffpo panel in a huff about Scotus decision.
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HuffPo: 'Christian' Label Holds Baggage for Star

Marcus Mumford doesn't call himself Christian. HuffPo applauds.
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HuffPo Hypes Condom Art Portrait of Benedict XVI

Portrait critiques Church, ‘promotes sexual diversity.’  
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Ads So Vulgar Even Lefties are Offended?

Playtex campaign’s cheap sex jokes fall flat.
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HuffPo: Obama Inaugural Ignored Rights of Transgendered Preteens

Eleven-year-old ‘Sadie’ wants a nod from the president.
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Surrealist Theology at the Huffington Post: ‘What I Learned About Drag Queens From the Gospel’

Left-wing website anoints transgender TV stars as ‘theologians.’
Media Research Center Huffington Post Has a Party and Its Democratic

Left-wing site is professional at twisting the news.

Huffington Post Video Mocking GOP Women Contains Sexually Explicit Lyrics

'My Girl's a Republican' rap song and video boasts, 'So go ahead and bend it over like an earmark' among other disgusting double entendres.
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