McLaren Blasts Evangelicals; Wonders Why They Dislike Him

Huffington Post columnist Brian D. McLaren compares Evangelical Christians to Milgram experiment.

The Religion Blog That Hates Religion

Huffington Post's new effort lists 'crusader-jihadist mentality,' 'rejection of science' as 'dangerous side-effects' of faith.

Huffington Post Blogger Attacks Biblical View of Sex

Rob Asghar uses Bristol Palin to argue for premarital sex, mocks Christian beliefs regarding abstinence.

CNN Blog Attacks Black Pro-Lifers, Continues Liberal Trend

The Anderson Cooper 360 blog on capped a leftward trend during the week of March 1 with a post on Friday from Obama supporter Tanya Acker, who accused pro-life activists of "racial ...

Patel: 'Van Jones, Faith Hero'

HuffPo Religion section fawns over former Green Jobs czar for supposedly 'loving Glen Beck,' while failing to point out why Jones resigned.

D'oh! Streisand Says 'Elections Should be Won -- Not Bought' But Has Given Over $600k to Political Causes

Actress/Entertainer expresses fear corporations will price people out of campaign financing and lock out 'women and candidates of diverse background.'

Huffington Repeats Charge of 'Disturbing' & 'Violent Imagery' at CPAC on ABC's This Week

During the "Roundtable" segment on Sunday's This Week on ABC, Arianna Huffington continued her campaign to portray conservatives as promoters of violence as she recounted what she called the ...

Talen: 'Making Marriage a Gated Community, is Tantamount to Violence'

HuffPo features article by Reverend Billy pushing for gay marriage.

On MSNBC, HuffPo Reporter Backs Biden Claim Iraq Will Be Obama's 'Great Achievement'

Appearing during the 2pm ET hour of MSNBC Live on February 11, Huffington Post political reporter Ryan Grim not only agreed with Joe Biden that Iraq may be a 'great achievement' for President ...

Kicking Rush When He's Down

After their nastiness in the hours after Rush Limbaugh went into the hospital with chest pains, I don't ever want to hear another sermon from liberals about "civility" or "hate," or "the politics ...
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