USA Today Celebrates TV's 'Open Arms' for Gay Characters

Paper published nearly 2,000 words on gay roles and actors 'capturing the imaginations of Americans,' manages only 132 for detractors.

Gay Journalists Tout 'Brilliant' Work of 'Gay Mafia' in Adding Bias to the Times

Apparently The New York Times is remarkably "progressive" on gay issues - but somehow, it's still impossible for conservatives to suggest there's a liberal bias.

HuffPo Celebrates Gay Teen Novels Promoting Gay Agenda

Bloggers praise 'great' books offering gay role models for kids.

Argentine Senator Compares Gay Marriage to Women's Suffrage

Reuters celebrates legalization with lopsided report.

So Much for 'Core Conservative Values'

To build a winning coalition requires both fiscal and social conservatives. But some libertarians not only refuse to work with social conservatives, but seek out causes in direct opposition to ...

Anne Hathaway Leaves Church to Media Cheers

Actress cites Catholic position on homosexuality; USA Today and The Huffington Post call the Church 'intolerant.'

Newsweek Column: 'Same-sex Marriage is an American Value'

Ted Olson pushes for gay unions without taking into account many drawbacks.

Degrading 'Degrassi'

Nickelodeon airs all kinds of child-friendly programming - but one series on Teen Nick is deliberately pushing the gay agenda to youngsters.

Ridiculous Idol Excuses

When a male singer kisses another man and simulates oral sex on national television, it's ridiculous to suggest that none of this was planned, that it was just a spontaneous event.
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