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Media Hype ‘Self-Marriage’

Outlets celebrate narcissistic practice as ‘courageous,’ a ‘reasonable choice.’

Behar and Goldberg See Racism When Gingrich Talks of Helping Poor

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's Joy Behar Show on HLN, after complaining about Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's proposal to provide school children with work experience and the ...

Media Highlight 'Stupid' CNSNews Question to Barney Frank

Some members of the liberal media commemorated Rep. Barney Frank's (D-Mass.) retirement announcement by replaying his testy response to a reporter about homosexuals showering with ...

Joy Behar Asks Anti-Palin Author McGinniss If He Has 'Death Wish' for Writing Book

While CNN gave two tough interviews to Palin-bashing author Joe McGinniss, HLN's Joy Behar joked around with him on her Wednesday show. She referenced his newest tome on Sarah Palin and her ...

Rachael Ray and Joy Behar Gush Over Bill Clinton: 'Charming,' 'Brilliant,' 'Honest'

HLN's Joy Behar and guest Rachael Ray fawned over former President Bill Clinton on Monday. "They don't just hand out those Rhodes scholarships for presidencies," remarked the Food Network's Ray, ...

CNN's Don Lemon Compares Libya 'Atrocities' with LGBT Discrimination

In a Thursday NPR interview, CNN's openly-gay anchor Don Lemon lumped discrimination against gays and lesbians in with atrocities committed in Libya.

Joy Behar: Rick Santorum 'Seems Like a Big Homophobe'

Hosting openly-gay CNN anchor Don Lemon on her Monday night show, HLN's Joy Behar lamented that Lemon will have to interview GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum "who seems like a big homophobe."

Joy Behar Exploits Birther Debate to Slam Swift Boat Vet 'Lies'

Apparently, the Left will never get over John Kerry's loss in the 2004 presidential election. On Thursday's Joy Behar Show, Joy Behar used a discussion of the "birther" claims against Barack Obama ...

Behar: Pro-Lifers are 'Evil and Immoral and Unethical and Stupid'

Joy Behar ripped the House of Representatives on her program on Monday for their recent defunding of Planned Parenthood. Behar, focusing on the organization's birth control services, criticized ...

Behar and Huffington Post's Sekoff Paint GOP as Trying to 'Ruin' and 'Destroy' Health Care

On Wednesday's Joy Behar Show on HLN, when host Behar asked if House Republicans are "going to ruin health care?" guest Roy Sekoff of the Huffington Post - referred to a repeal of Obamacare as ...
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