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CBS's Pelley Glowingly Wonders How the Pope 'Inspired' Obama; Omits Religious Liberty Spat

Friday's CBS Evening News featured a previously unaired portion of Scott Pelley's softball interview of President Obama on his recent meeting with Pope Francis. The Vatican noted on Thursday that ...
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3 to 1: Nets quote Lib Over Conservative Justices in Hobby Lobby Reports

Evening broadcast filled reports with liberal justice quotes.
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MSNBC's Anti-Catholicism: Reid Warns of 'Catholic Justices...Asserting Their Religion'

On Tuesday, Hot Air's Ed Morrissey correctly pointed out Joy Reid's implicit anti-Catholicism during the commentary segment that closed her MSNBC program on Monday. Reid zeroed in on the Supreme ...
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CNN Touts Obama's 'Very Moving' Religious Liberty Speech; Omits ObamaCare Mandate Dispute

Thursday's 9 AM EST edition of CNN Newsroom spotlighted how President Obama "called for promoting religious freedom – quote, 'a key part of U.S. foreign policy," at the annual National Prayer ...
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Hundreds of Women Protest Contraception Mandate at White House

Rally opposes media claim that religious liberty conflicts with rights of women.
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CNN Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Sandra Fluke

Hosting birth control activist Sandra Fluke, CNN's Soledad O'Brien teed her up to bash her critics and twice encouraged viewers to read Fluke's CNN.com op-ed. O'Brien told her critics on Monday to ...
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