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NYTimes Skips Benghazi to Laud Hillary Clinton's 'Legacy' and Frequent Flier Miles While Secretary of State

Celebrating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "legacy" (but not Benghazi) on Sunday's front page: "As she leaves the State Department, the simplest yardstick for measuring Mrs. Clinton’s ...
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New York Times' Helene Cooper: Choose Between 2nd Amendment Rights or 'Kids [Being] Safe' at School

New York Times White House reporter Helene Cooper: "And if killing, you know, twenty 5- to 10-year-olds doesn't do it for this country, then than means the other conversation we should be ...
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Are Obama and Romney's Views 'Starkly Different' or in Alignment? NYT Front Page Can't Decide

A front-page New York Times photo caption on the thrid and last presidential debate claimed "The two rivals offered starkly different views of the world," but a front-page story suggested "the ...
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Two NYT Reporters Boast of Obama Leading Romney 'Into a Trap' on Libya, But Romney Was Right

Great minds think alike. New York Times reporter Michael Shear: "Mr. Obama had the look of a man who was watching his rival walk right into a trap." Reporter Helene Cooper, 40 minutes later: "Mr. ...
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New York Times Gives Obama Front Page for Tough Talk on Egypt, Skips Yemen Attacks

The New York Times lets Obama play tough in a front-page story, but skips the attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen, which the Washington Post fronts. From the Times: "The president was not happy; ...
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NYTimes Contrasts 'Relaxed and Loose' Obama With Unsubtle Romney Rallies, 'Mostly White and Older'

When the New York Times sends reporters to compare and contrast the Romney and Obama campaign styles, little surprise who comes off looking best. Times reporter Helene Cooper: "In a re-election ...
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Noble Obama Lowering the Temperature, Staying 'Out of the Fray' on Campaign Trail, Claims New York Times

Times reporter Helene Cooper gave Obama credit for lowering the rhetorical temperature of the campaign, skipping completely the false and vicious attack from Priorities USA, an ...
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Stark Favoritism on the Campaign Trail With the New York Times

Paul Ryan was in a shady meeting with a controversial donor, while Mitt Romney was barely noticed on the campaign trail in the Midwest. Meanwhile, gifted orator Barack Obama was celebrated with a ...
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On Illegal Immigration, New York Times Keeps Hammering Romney, Boosting Obama

Times reporters Trip Gabriel and Helene Cooper portray amnesty for illegals as a winner for Obama and a loser for Romney: "[Mitt Romney's] outreach efforts came after an order by Mr. Obama to ...
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Surprise: NYT's Coverage of New Obama Immigration Policy Utterly Slanted Toward Amnesty

The New York Times' coverage of Obama's amnesty announcement was typically loaded toward the side of illegal immigrants, and barely addressed conservative concerns about employment and the rule of ...
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