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ABC Pushes Gun Control With One-Sided, Recycled Report, Fails to Identify Activist's Group

World News reporter David Muir on Wednesday aggressively pushed gun control with a recycled, one-sided report on the ease of buying weapons. Muir also failed to identify Omar Samaha, featured ...
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Like in Chicago? CNN's Amanpour Says Stricter Gun Laws Equals Less Gun Crime

On Tuesday's Piers Morgan Live, CNN's Christiane Amanpour claimed that states with strict gun laws have "lower gun crime" and argued for more gun control. By citing "states" she ignored cities ...
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Piers Morgan Invokes Texas College Stabbing to Champion Gun Laws

CNN's Piers Morgan used the stabbing of 14 people at Lone Star College on April 9 to argue that gun laws prevented what could have been a massacre. "[I]isn't there an argument that this ...

NYT's Lead Story Foresees 'Egg-on-the-Face Moment' for Conservatives if Gun Bill Gains Support

The Times hypes prospects for Obama's gun control: "...eking out the first 60 votes would represent momentum for the bill’s supporters in the Senate, and an egg-on-the-face moment for those ...
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ABC Insists Gun Bill Is a 'Significant' 'Major Breakthrough,' But NBC Admits It's 'Watered Down'

The journalists at Good Morning America on Wednesday could barely contain themselves, hailing the compromise over gun control legislation as a "major," "big, significant breakthrough." Guest host ...
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Five States to Tax Guns, Three Networks Silent

NBC, ABC, and CBS ignore states using sales tax to infringe on Second Amendment rights.
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CNN's Costello Can't Believe That GOP Plans to Filibuster Gun Control Bill

Although CNN's Carol Costello praised Sen. Rand Paul's "champ" filibuster to get information on drone use from the White House, she was in disbelief on Tuesday that Republicans are promising to ...
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All Three Networks Ramp Up Push for Gun Control, Tout Obama's 'Urgent Plea'

All three network newscasts on Monday and the morning shows on Tuesday promoted Barack Obama's "urgent plea" for gun control. These programs pushed the emotional angles, focusing on the Newtown ...
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Double Action: Two NY Times Columnists Embarrass Themselves on Guns in Sunday Review

Times columnist Frank Bruni goes hunting for the first time and did not wholly approve: "This country of ours makes it astonishingly easy for people to arm themselves and take aim. Is it any ...
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Amidst Fading Support for Gun Control, Piers Morgan Says It's 'the NRA Versus the People'

When CNN's Piers Morgan accused the NRA of fighting the American people on his Thursday show, GOP strategist Kelly Conway retorted that public favor for gun control has waned despite the best ...
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