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Gun Control

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New York Times' Helene Cooper: Choose Between 2nd Amendment Rights or 'Kids [Being] Safe' at School

New York Times White House reporter Helene Cooper: "And if killing, you know, twenty 5- to 10-year-olds doesn't do it for this country, then than means the other conversation we should be ...
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Soros Crony Jeffrey Sachs Predictably Politicizes Tragedy

In wake of Sandy Hook shootings, Sachs argues U.S. should ‘adopt gun control laws’ like Australia.
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NYT Aggressively Pushing Gun Control in Massacre Coverage, Promises More to Come

The Times aggressively promoted Democrats exploiting the massacre to push for gun control legislation. "Democrats seemed to be hoping to seize on the momentum from the shooting, in which 20 ...
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NBC Hypes 'Prominent Voices' Backing Gun Control, Including 'Influential Republican' Joe Scarborough

On Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams was eager to seize on any perceived momentum for greater gun control in the wake of Friday's school shooting: "The President said he would ...
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CNN's Lemon Goes on Anti-Gun Tirade, Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

CNN anchor Don Lemon went on an anti-gun rant on Monday morning and called for an assault weapons ban. Lemon is only the latest CNN anchor to abandon journalistic standards and push for gun ...
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Soledad O'Brien Bullies Gun Rights Activist; 'Your Position Completely Boggles Me'

CNN's Soledad O'Brien interrupted, bullied, and dismissed guest John Lott on Monday's Starting Point when Lott argued in favor of fewer gun laws. "[Y]our position completely boggles me, honestly. ...
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New York Times' Massacre Coverage Permeated With Calls for Gun Control

The New York Times wasted no time in politicizing Friday's massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Calls for legislation permeating the paper's weekend coverage of the ...
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Networks Herald Obama Throwing Down 'Political Gauntlet' on Gun Control

The NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows on Monday all touted President Obama seemingly calling for more gun control during a Sunday night vigil for the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. ...
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NYT's Egan Sees 'Smothering' of Gun-Control Debate, Says Limbaugh and Malkin Are Like Salt to a Slug

Huh? Timothy Egan writes "Conservatives complain about anti-free-speech vigilantes who keep incendiary voices of the right from being heard on college campuses, and they have a valid point. ...
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NBC's Guthrie Pushes Gun Control in Interview With Husband of Gabrielle Giffords

At the end of a Friday interview with Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of former Congresswoman Gabrille Giffords, Today co-host Savannah Guthrie made sure to bring up the favorite liberal ...
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