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Gun Control

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Cue Sitcom Laugh Track: Joe Scarborough Claims to Be a 'Really Conservative Guy'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, best known for constantly attacking the Republican Party and conservatives in general, made the laughable claim on Wednesday that he's a "really conservative guy." ...
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CNN Joins Obama In Using Child Activists to Spread Gun Control Narrative

Instead of holding the White House accountable, CNN's White House correspondent is helping the President make his case for gun control. Jessica Yellin touted Obama's "persuasive advocates," ...
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AP Publishes Hit Piece on Gun Trade Show

Bitter about not getting into the show, AP interviews 2 gun control groups without any pro-gun interviews.
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New York Times Again Unfairly Slams Sarah Palin for Giffords' Shooting

NYT's Peter Baker dredges up an unfair accusation against Sarah Palin: "The use of gun symbolism has at times provoked controversy. After Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot ...
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Gun Control Groups Whine About Lady Gaga Gun Bra

Despite coming out against guns, lefty pop star still offends allies with latest costume.
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Advocacy, Not Journalism: 13 CNN Guests Want More Gun Control, Only 2 Argue to the Contrary

Commemorating the one month anniversary of the Newtown shooting, CNN stacked its Monday line-up with gun control advocates and Democratic politicians. Over the course of the entire day, CNN ...
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Top 5 Movies: 65 Violent Scenes, 185 Victims

When a weekend at the movies is a bloodbath, stars should rethink calls for gun control.  
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New York Times Loves Local Left-Wing Protests Against Guns and Fracking (Featuring Yoko Ono)

Oh, no, frackers, it's Yoko Ono: The New York Times made much of two tiny local liberal protests over the weekend, one at a New York State gun show, the other in the state capital protesting ...
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CNN Helps Democratic Congressman Slam NRA, Tout Stricter Gun Regulations

CNN's Carol Costello on Monday morning helped a Democratic Congressman tout his new bill that allows victims of gun violence to sue the gun industry. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is aiming to ...
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'Centrist' News Network? CNN Loads Newscasts With Gun Control Advocates

One month after the Newtown shooting, CNN "commemorated" the atrocity by hosting a string of gun control activists and Democratic politicians pushing for stricter gun laws. From the 5 a.m. ...
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