Leonhardt Tortures Logic to Argue Tea Partiers Aren't Serious About Cutting Spending

Huh? Leonhardt blames Tea Partiers for not being serious about cutting spending: "Just last weekend, Tea Party members helped deny Senator Robert Bennett, the Utah Republican, his party's ...

Tea Party Movement Not Realizing U.S. is Bailing Out Greece, Says CNBC Host

Kernen wonders where the outrage is European IMF bailout; Santelli says desensitized to bailout culture.

Santelli Warns Greek Riots America's 'Ghost of Christmas Future'

CNBC CME Group reporter explains how Greece can be a demonstration of what is yet to come if fiscal policy remains the same.

Econ 101: The Problem with Greece

U.S. should control spending, learn from Greek's debt crisis before it's too late.

Our Greecey Future

Only immediate, drastic action can keep us from a Greek-style meltdown.

Can US Learn from EU?

Economist tells Fox Biz 'we should heed' warnings from Greece.
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