CNN Again Uses David Brooks to Pressure GOP to Compromise on Debt Ceiling

Referencing the sweet reason of the New York Times's "conservative" David Brooks, CNN's Brooke Baldwin urged Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to listen to the voice of compromise in the debt ceiling debate.

CNN Anchor Uses David Brooks to Press Jim DeMint on Debt Ceiling Standoff

CNN American Morning co-host Christine Romans used David Brooks' words to press Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) Wednesday on the stubbornness of conservative Republicans in the debt ceiling debate. ...

Yahoo! Editor on Economy: GOP Wants to 'Blow Stuff Up' to Win in 2012

Latest conspiracy theory about Republicans contends they support economic sabotage.

Roland Martin Doesn't Call Out DNC Chair for Linking GOP-Backed Voting Requirements with Jim Crow Laws

CNN analyst Roland Martin simply allowed DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to say what she wanted about Republicans on his Sunday show Washington Watch, on TVOne.

CNN's Cafferty Features Ex-Palin Aide's Rants About Former Governor, Doesn't Scrutinize His Motives

CNN's Jack Cafferty reverted back to his Palin derangement syndrome Wednesday afternoon. He touted two new books that heavily criticize Palin ' labeling one as "required reading" for any potential ...

Tavis Smiley Trashes GOP Presidential Field: 'You Can't Beat Somebody With Nobody'

PBS's Tavis Smiley offered his own half-baked assumptions Friday on the 2012 GOP presidential contenders. The far-left anchor dismissed the GOP field as a bunch of nobodies on the 9 a.m. EDT hour ...

CNN: 'Is It Time for the GOP to Blink When It Comes to Tax Hikes?'

CNN's Jack Cafferty hinted Monday that despite Republican opposition to tax hikes, the extra revenue could help the country. Then on Tuesday morning, anchor Carol Costello framed Republicans as ...

'The New Extremism' of the Republican Party...Just Like the Old Extremism

The Republican Party is fully engaged in a fight "to liberate business and the rich from the inconveniences of oversight and taxes. At first it seemed that only a few freshmen and noisy followers ...

Media Let Left Play War Games with Libya

Few journalists note liberal shift from 'make love, not war' to 'make war.'

Media Let Left Play War Games with Libya

Few journalists note liberal shift from 'make love, not war' to 'make war.'
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