CNN's Romans Scolds Dissenting Republicans: 'I'll Tell You Why They're Vilified'

CNN's American Morning co-hosts tried to lecture those opposed to voting to raise the debt ceiling on the error of their ways on Friday morning. When a guest GOP congressman tried to explain why ...

Anderson Cooper Cherry Picks Poll Info to Disgrace Republicans

In a critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment Wednesday night, CNN's Anderson Cooper selectively reported findings from his network's own poll to bolster his argument that Republicans are ...

GOP's 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Mostly Just Cut By Media

Republican budget plan only mentioned by name in 10 percent of stories.

GOP Guest Informs CNN of Its Own Poll Results

Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) twice told CNN's John King Thursday night the results of CNN's own poll showing Americans favor a Cut, Cap, and Balance plan. King would not affirm his claims and instead ...

CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for 'Cut, Cap, and Balance'

Reporting results from its newly-released poll Thursday, CNN emphasized answers showing the majority of respondents favoring compromise on the debt ceiling debate, as well as raising the debt ...

CNN's Obnoxious Question: Will GOP Listen to McCain's Warning to Raise Debt Ceiling?

Although President Obama and the Democrats have stridently insisted that increased tax revenues be part of a debt ceiling deal, CNN is content to choose sides and paint only the conservative ...

Glass Houses: Soros-Funded Alternet Accuses GOP of 'Treason'

But website's benefactor actively undermines U.S. position in world.

CNN Again Uses David Brooks to Pressure GOP to Compromise on Debt Ceiling

Referencing the sweet reason of the New York Times's "conservative" David Brooks, CNN's Brooke Baldwin urged Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to listen to the voice of compromise in the debt ceiling debate.

CNN Anchor Uses David Brooks to Press Jim DeMint on Debt Ceiling Standoff

CNN American Morning co-host Christine Romans used David Brooks' words to press Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) Wednesday on the stubbornness of conservative Republicans in the debt ceiling debate. ...

Yahoo! Editor on Economy: GOP Wants to 'Blow Stuff Up' to Win in 2012

Latest conspiracy theory about Republicans contends they support economic sabotage.
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