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CBS, NBC Mention Job Revisions, Ignored Bigger Gains During Bush Years

Two of the broadcast networks conveniently noted upward revisions to past months job gains on Feb. 1st, as the January jobs report was released. ABC didn’t mention that day’s jobs report at all ...
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NYT's Tale of Three Inaugurals: 'Questioning the Propriety' of Bush, But 'Cause for Celebration' for Obama

A tale of presidential inaugurations during wartime and strife. In 2005, the year of President George W. Bush's second inauguration, the New York Times was "question[ing] the propriety of a lavish ...
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CBS Hypes 'Huge Bipartisan Victory', 'Milestone' with Fiscal Cliff Bill's Passage

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes trumpeted the passage of Senate Democrats' temporary fiscal cliff fix by the House as a "big bipartisan victory", immediately after pointing out that ...
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CBS Welcomes Obama to Staten Island, But Criticized Bush Post-Katrina

CBS ran a puff piece Friday morning on President Obama's visit to hurricane-ravaged Staten Island, which stood in stark contrast to its hostile treatment of President Bush's visit to the Gulf ...
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Wash Post Reporter Says Bush 'Didn't Pay a High Enough Price' After DUI Revelation

Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake told CNN on Tuesday that candidate George W. Bush "just didn't pay a high enough price" in the 2000 election for his DUI arrest that occurred more than ...
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George Stephanopoulos: Reliably Crowning Democrats as Debate Winners

In eight out of the last nine general election presidential debates (every one since he joined ABC News in 1997), George Stephanopoulos has gone on his network’s airwaves to claim victory for the ...
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The MRC@25: The Worst Media Bias of 2008

The worst bias of 2008: Keith Olbermann shrieks at President Bush to “shut the hell up!” while his colleague Chris Matthews gets a tingle over hearing Barack Obama: “I felt this thrill going ...
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The MRC@25: The Worst Media Bias of 2004

The worst bias of 2004: CBS’s Morley Safer eulogizes Ronald Reagan by saying “I don’t think history has any reason to be kind to him;” the New York Times asks George W. Bush if he feels ...
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On 9/11 Anniversary, CBS Promotes Vanity Fair Editor's Blame Bush Tome

Eight weeks before the presidential election, Tuesday's CBS This Morning marked the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by helping Vanity Fair's Kurt Eichenwald forward his accusation that the ...
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Krugman: 'You've Got to Be Kidding' if You Think Obama Should Have Fixed Economy by Now

James Taranto documented the shifting standards of economist turned partisan hack New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. When it comes to Republican presidents, four years is plenty of time to ...
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