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Times Overexcited About First Daughter Barbara Bush's Support of Gay Marriage

Reporter Michael Barbaro gets awfully worked up about one of Bush's daughter's making a video in support of gay marriage in New York State: "The Bush dynasty is no stranger to generational ...

CBS Cheers Barbara Bush Supporting Gay Marriage

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, news reader Jeff Glor declared: "Former First Daughter Barbara Bush is taking a very public stand in support of same-sex marriage." After a sound bite was played of ...

NYT Movie Critic Warns of the Violence Inside Critics of 'Laudable' Gay Marriage

A Times movie critic celebrates the message of a film "about double lives, the violence that can lurk inside those who cannot face themselves and the laudable quest for gay marriage in the United ...

CBS's Smith to Paladino: Have You 'Added Any Fuel to the Fire of Gay Hatred'?

On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith interrogated New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino over comments he made in opposition to gay marriage: "But by making a ...

ABC Links Teen Bullying to 'Wedge Issues' Like Gay Marriage

According to ABC's Juju Chang, "wedge issues" like gay marriage can be linked to the bullying of homosexual teens. On Thursday's Good Morning America, the news anchor connected the subject in a ...

ABC's David Muir: Could Gay White House Staffer Have Dissuaded Bush on Marriage Amendment?

Good Morning America's David Muir on Thursday used the announcement that Republican operative Ken Mehlman is gay to push the GOP towards rethinking its stance on marriage. Talking to former George ...

USA Today Celebrates TV's 'Open Arms' for Gay Characters

Paper published nearly 2,000 words on gay roles and actors 'capturing the imaginations of Americans,' manages only 132 for detractors.

Ted Olson's Wife: 'The Liberal Behind the Conservative Fighting for Gay Marriage'

The conservative lawyer was compelled by his "vivacious" wife to fight the conservatives: "He would have never been able to take the other side...He wouldn't have had a wife after that!"

WaPo Religion Blog Says Biblical Morality 'Illegitimate' on Gay Agenda

Atheist blogger casts Prop. 8 controversy as conflict between Good Book, Bill of Rights

No Balance on ABC: Network Features Liberals When Prop 8 Was Passed and a Liberal When It's Overturned

On Thursday's Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos sought out the reaction of liberal Slate correspondent Dahlia Lithwick to discuss Proposition 8. No conservative guest appeared in ...
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