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Gay Marriage

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Slate Embraces Slippery Slope: Legalize Polygamy Too

Gay marriage advocates have frequently scoffed at conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum who say legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to the classification of other relationships as ...
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CMI On TV -- 'New Normal' Season Finale: Divorce Good for Kids; Priest does Gay Marriage

Fitting end to lefty show's first season.
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The NY Times Finds Another Republican for Gay Marriage...Ronald Reagan?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg trumpets the latest Republican to back gay marriage: "As Republican politicians wrestle with same-sex marriage, the daughter of a party icon -- former President Ronald Reagan ...
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A New York Times Blessing for Gay Activist Lawyer Mary Bonauto, '...a Woman Making History'

Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg bestowed a blessing on the "serious and unassuming" Mary Bonauto, a lawyer for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD): "In Fight for Marriage ...
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ABC Hypes 'Electrifying' 'Fighter' Who Is Taking a 'Stand for Marriage Equality'

On Wednesday and Thursday, the journalists at ABC continued to treat the gay marriage issue as though there was only one acceptable side. Diane Sawyer and Terry Moran framed the case before the ...
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ABC on Gay Marriage: '21st Century Social Movement' Vs. Old, 'Downright Perplexed' Justices

ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday again offered the most biased coverage on the gay marriage case before the Supreme Court. All three network morning shows skipped specific mention of the ...
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NBC Panel: 'Conservative' Ruling on Gay Marriage Will Cause 'Backlash'; Traditional Marriage 'Archaic'

During a panel discussion on Tuesday's NBC Today, guest panelist Carson Daly, host of The Voice, ranted over the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on gay marriage: "The more conservative the Court ...
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Amid Slanted Gay Marriage Coverage, NBC Wonders: 'Will the Justices Make it Legal in Every State?'

At the top of Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie seemed to get swept up in the network's own one-sided reporting on the gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court, proclaiming: ...
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Picking Sides: ABC Offers a Slanted Take on 'Historic Hearing on Marriage Equality'

The reporters of ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday offered a one-sided take on the Supreme Court's "historic hearing on marriage equality." The morning show featured four voices in support of ...
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Former WH Reporter for NY Times Calls CPAC "Aviary for Far-Right 'Wacko Birds'"

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, a former White House reporter for the Times, followed Sen. John McCain in mocking attendees of the latest Conservative Political Action Conference (aka ...
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