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NYT's OWS Reporter Talks Shop With Radical Supporters, Pot-Shots Police

Lennard's comments, alternately post-modern and potty-mouthed, were peppered with potshots at the NYPD: " bloody face courtesy of New York's less than finest." Also, self-policing "is a risk ...

Wall St.'s Candidate? Times Says Romney, But WP Says Obama Still Rules the Street

NYTimes: "Mitt Romney has raised far more money than Mr. Obama this year from the firms that have been among Wall Street's top sources of donations for the two candidates." But "Those figures do ...

Krugman Disappoints His Leftist Legions: 'Why I'm Not in Zuccotti Park'

He's surely there in spirit: "Some readers have been asking me to go make a speech at one of the OWS demonstrations. If you think about it, however, you'll see why I can't."

Shear the Latest to Hear Nonexistent 'Let Him Die' Chants at G.O.P. Debate

No, it wasn't: "And following the last debate, when Mr. Paul was asked whether a young man without health insurance should be left to go without treatment - which was greeted with some chants of ...

Voluntary Taxes? Obama Will 'Ask the Rich' to Pay More

Plus, great minds think alike? Two lead stories on consecutive days from different reporters contain an identical paragraph: "The Obama proposal has little chance of becoming law unless Republican ...

At GOP Debate, Krugman Hears Non-Existent Eruption of Crowd Cheering Hypothetical Death

In "Free to Die," columnist Paul Krugman claims that the GOP debate crowd "erupted with cheers and shouts of 'Yeah!'" in response to Wolf Blitzer questioning Ron Paul if society should let a ...

Keller Admits 'Late to Rev. Wright' in 2008, But Claims Paper Handled Story Well

Executive Editor Bill Keller thinks the Times eventually did a good job covering Obama's Rev. Wright problem: "Yes, Dems should be asked about their faith (and influences) too. We were late to ...

Romney Somehow Wrong to Expand House After Criticizing Obama's Vacation

What's "awkward" about employing construction workers in a recession? "Mitt Romney has never claimed to be a middle-class man of the people. But the news that he is planning to quadruple the size ...

Ugh: NYT Celebrates Fashion Sense of March Rioters in London

The Times asks of the March riots in London protesting reductions in government education spending: "What do you wear when protest and mayhem rock your world?"

Great Minds Think Alike? NYT Runs Similar Heds, Pics at Front of Two Separate Sections

Are headline writers for the Sunday New York Times suffering some summer creative doldrums?
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