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Katie Couric's Whiny Commencement Speech: 'Mistreated' and 'Cheated' at CBS News?

Katie Couric, who made $15 million a year anchoring the CBS Evening News for a half-hour each weeknight, delivered a remarkably self-pitying commencement address at the University of Virginia on ...
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NYT Covers Obama's Address at Women's College, Neglects Own 'Gender Gap,' Dislodging of NYT's Female Editor

The New York Times covered President Obama's plea to women's voters disguised as a commencement address at a woman's college in Manhattan: "In Graduation Speech to Women, Obama Leaps Into ...
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New York Times Goes Mild on Insult of Ann Romney: 'Some Women saw an Opportunity Squandered'

The Times portrayed Obama supporter Hilary Rosen's gaffe on CNN Wednesday night, when she accused Mitt Romney's wife Ann of having "never worked a day in her life," as less of a Democratic ...
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Questions Only the NYT Is Asking: "Where Is the Next Gloria Steinem?"

New York Times contributor Sarah Hepola compares the feminist to civil rights martyr Martin Luther King: "History’s most formidable figures have always been a tough act to follow, of course. ...
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Maureen Dowd Meltdown: GOP's 'Insane Bout of Mass Misogyny...To Turn Women Into Chattel'

"In some kind of insane bout of mass misogyny, Republicans are hounding out the women voters --- including Republicans and independents -- who helped them gain control of the House in 2010.The ...

CNN Suggests Cain 'Sissy Pizza' Comment Means He's Hostile to Women

On Monday's The Situation Room, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked a female guest if she had a "problem" with Herman Cain's comment about a "manly" man not eating pizza loaded with vegetables.

Gail Collins Hails Katie Couric as 'Total Success' on CBS for 'Not Screwing Things Up'

Gail Collins grades Couric on a curve: "From my perspective as a charter of the progress of American women, Couric was a total success. The first great mandate for a First Woman is not to screw ...

Manohla Dargis Ruins Another Summer Movie Season, Laments 'the Symbolic Phallus'

Manohla Dargis gets embarrassingly feminist and Freudian describing a scene in a new Western: "I just don't believe that scene where her character pulls out a rifle to protect the wagon train's ...

NYT Style Mag 'T': No to the 'Cult of the Virgin Mary,' Yes to Ground Zero Imam

Holly Brubach gets seriously anti-Catholic in "T," the Times style magazine: "[Marina] Warner's scholarly survey of the shape-shifting that Mary has undergone over the past two millennia ...

Shame On Family Films?

Newsweek columnist Julia Baird denounced popular cartoons and family films for having too few female characters who are too beautiful and too small-waisted.
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