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Politico Smears Conservative Group Opposed to New FCC Regulations

American Commitment says its 1.6 million comments were legitimate and can prove a vendor was responsible for technical error.
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We Said We Didn't...

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Networks: IRS Hearing Just 'Another Round of Bitter Partisanship'; Dems Call It a 'Farce'

After ten days of ignoring the June13 revelation that the IRS mysteriously lost two years worth of Lois Lerner's emails related to the scandal plaguing the agency, Tuesday's network morning ...
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Only CBS Covers IRS Losing Two Years of Lois Lerner Emails

On Monday, only CBS This Morning reported Friday's stunning revelation that the IRS somehow lost two years worth of emails from Lois Lerner, the official at the center of the agency scandal in ...
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EPA Hid Information Behind False Identities

New documents show agency’s lack of transparency includes secret email accounts.

Times Avoids Word 'Obama,' Buries Story on Plea to Delay Solyndra Layoff News

The Times buried revelations that the Obama administration asked Solyndra to delay announcing it would lay off workers until after the 2010 midterm elections, not even mentioning the word "Obama." ...

Times Finds Little in Palin Email Dump, Writes About It Anyway

Jim Rutenberg and William Yardley damn the former Alaska governor with faint praise: "She was also, in the years before her national emergence, more open to compromise and political dealing than ...

Mr. Hard News: Shear, Bitter About Talking Weiner, Spends Next 2 Days on Palin Emails

Michael Shear sounds bitter and mad at having to talk about Anthony Weiner: "Lots of policy and we're going to start with the sex scandal!" What did he write about the next two days? Sarah Palin's ...

NBC Predicts 'Tough Day' for Palin with Release of E-Mail 'Political Minefield'

At the top of Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer declared that it "could be a tough day for potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin. We're live in Alaska, where thousands of her e-mails ...

NYT Asks Readers to Help Dig Up 'Interesting and Newsworthy' Palin Emails (AKA Anti-Palin Dirt)

News that Alaska would release a trove of Sarah Palin e-mails from her tenure as governor spurred the Times to look to its liberal readership for help digging up dirt: "We're asking readers to ...
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