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Elisabeth Rosenthal

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Gillis Finds Yet Another Study Proving Global Warming, Ignores How His Previous One Was Discredited

The New York Times' most alarmist environmental reporter Justin Gillis offers still more "proof" of a warming planet: "In Sign of Global Warming, 1,600 Years of Ice in Peru’s Andes Melted in 25 ...
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NYT Reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal, Who Took on Air-Conditioning, Now Goes After Guns

Supposedly impartial Times science reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal tries to refute the NRA's argument on guns and public safety: "Indeed, the N.R.A.'s solution to the expansion of gun violence in ...
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Rosenthal Again Tries to Get World to Turn Off the Air: 'We Can't Live With Air-Conditioning...'

New York Times environmental reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal: "Today’s humans probably need air-conditioning if they want to thrive and prosper. Yet if all those new city dwellers use ...

NYTimes Asks: Should Air-Conditioning 'Be Rationed Away?'

The New York Times asks from its air-conditioned midtown Manhattan headquarters: "Is it a good goal for everyone in the world to have access to air-conditioning -- like clean water or the ...
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