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Election 2012

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CNN Showcases Romney's Connection to Trump, But Had No Initial Inquiry of Bill Maher and Obama

CNN jumped all over Donald Trump's "birther" remarks on Tuesday as Trump hosted a fund raiser for Mitt Romney. CNN ran the story almost every single hour on Tuesday evening and Wednesday ...
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Obsession? CNN Devotes Over Half Hour of Coverage Thursday to Obama Campaign's Attack Strategy

CNN devoted over four times the coverage to the Obama campaign's new attack strategy on Thursday than it initially gave to the largest religious lawsuit in U.S. history. Over 32 minutes of ...
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Soledad O'Brien Spins Statement, Botches Facts About Romney's Jobs Record

CNN's Soledad O'Brien took Rudy Giuliani's words about Mitt Romney and spun them into a criticism of his jobs record, when in fact Giuliani had praised the candidate's resume on Sunday's State ...
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CNN Examines Obama's Donations from Bain Employees – But How Much Have They Actually Reported on It?

CNN's Dana Bash reported Friday on the irony of President Obama hitting Mitt Romney's connections to Bain Capital when he himself has received donations from Bain employees. CNN has ...
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Soledad O'Brien Spins Romney's Words on Bain, Suggests He's Dodging the Questions

CNN's Soledad O'Brien spun Mitt Romney's words into a dodging-the-question moment for the candidate on the matter of Bain Capital, on Thursday's Starting Point. Specifically, she took ...
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CNN Contributor Foolishly Argues Kentucky, Arkansas Have 'Never' Been Democratic 'Hotbeds'

CNN contributor Maria Cardona may have forgotten some history as she tried to spin away President Obama's troubles in the Arkansas and Kentucky Democratic primaries."Look, Arkansas and ...
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Nothing to See Here: Soledad O'Brien Sidesteps Obama's Hypocrisy on Romney and Bain

CNN's Soledad O'Brien has carried water for President Obama before, and continued to do so Tuesday by largely ignoring Obama's blatant hypocrisy in his recent attacks against Mitt Romney. In ...
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CNN Showcases PolitiFact Rating Another Accurate GOP Claim 'Mostly False'

In an appearance on CNN's Newsroom on Monday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Times' PolitiFact once again nailed an accurate statement by a Republican or conservative group as "Mostly False." A new ad ...
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Ratings-Starved Piers Morgan Pushes Whacky Romney-Jeremiah Wright Conspiracy Theory

Even after Mitt Romney condemned a proposed controversial super PAC ad attacking President Obama, CNN's Piers Morgan couldn't help but speculate on whether the candidate was still playing ...
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A Tale of Two Networks: CNN Questions Obama Attack Ad While MSNBC Cheers It

After the Obama campaign released an ad on Monday attacking Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital, CNN went so far as to question President Obama's hypocrisy in attacking Romney. In contrast, ...
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