CNN's Spitzer: Obama Supports the 'Agenda for Choice in Schools'

CNN's Eliot Spitzer misleadingly claimed on Tuesday's Parker Spitzer that "President Obama has done everything to push the agenda for choice in schools." In reality, the President's record shows ...

CNN Spins Arizona's English Ed. Standard as Accent 'Crackdown,' 'Ban'

CNN did its part to perpetuate the liberal talking point about Arizona's supposedly racist campaign against illegal immigrants by airing a report three times on Monday that spun the state's ...

Hostile ABC and NBC Deride Texas Conservatives for 'Rewriting' and 'Whitewashing' History

ABC and NBC rushed to get stories onto the air Friday night delivering left-wing talking points against the new social studies curriculum guidelines passed by the Texas State Board of Education, ...

CNN's Kyra Phillips: Racism a Problem Only Among Whites?

On Wednesday's Newsroom, CNN's Kyra Phillips hinted that racists only come in a shade of white when she highlighted how "there's still racism in this country- KKK members, white supremacists, and ...

Blue Tube

Four Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From YouTube This Summer

CNN's Martin: 'Insane' Objectors to Obama Speech to Kids Acting Childish

On Thursday's Campbell Brown program, CNN's Roland Martin berated the critics of the accompanying lesson plan for President Obama's upcoming speech to school kids, calling them "insane parents."

Obama School Talk Push Back Framed Around Exasperation Over 'Hyper-Partisan Era'

The ABC and NBC anchors on Thursday night framed stories, on the controversy over President Obama's upcoming Tuesday address to the nations' schoolchildren accompanied by a Department of Education ...

All's Fair with the Left

Media ignore how unfair liberal plans really are.

Down a Dark Abby

The Culture and Media Institutes analysis of Dear Abbys 2007 columns reveals that the worlds leading advice columnist cannot be trusted to promote traditional sexual morality but she can be ...

The Media Assault on American Values

The conflict between the media, personal responsibility and respect for religion.
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