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Eduardo Porter

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NYTimes's Porter Wishes U.S. Govt. Would Cook Up Euro-style VAT Tax

In January New York Times economics reporter Eduardo Porter called for Americans to pony up more in taxes in a piece headlined, "A Tax Bite Tailored To Help All." Porter was back at it again ...
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NYT's Eduardo Porter Finds Ideal 'Model' for Reducing Pollution: The Great Recession

Economics columnist Eduardo Porter saves the punch line of "A Model for Reducing Emissions" forparagraph nine, when he revealed that the "model" is economic recession: "But the main reasons are ...
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New York Times' Eduardo Porter: Raise Taxes on Everyone

Eduardo Porter, business columnist for the New York Times, previously covered economics as a reporter but now uses his perch to display his mistrust of free markets in favor of government, ...
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Former Times Economics Reporter Mistrusts Free Market: "Health Care And Profits, A Poor Mix"

NYT's Eduardo Porter, who previously covered economics as a reporter for the paper, showed his mistrust of the market to provide vital services like adequate health care and pensions, ...
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Economics Reporter Turned NYT Columnist Touts Basketcase Italy as High-Tax Paradise

Times reporter turned columnist Eduardo Porter cries out for justice, or at least higher taxes on the middle class, which will apparently lower infant mortality and do all matter of good things ...
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NYT's Eduardo Porter Fears Inequality Will Lead to 'Hereditary Plutocracy,' Plugs Occupy Wall Street

Eduardo Porter laments: "Americans have never been too worried about the income gap. The gap between the rich and the rest has been much wider in the United States than in other developed ...
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NYT's Porter Steps Into David Leonhardt's Neo-Liberal Shoes, Defends Obama 'Stimulus"

Porter's first "Economic Scene" column for the New York Times parrots liberal conventional wisdom on Obama's "stimulus" success, despite conservative claims that the process was wasteful and ...
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