Anguished Lead NYT Editorial Accuses Obama of Giving Up High Ground on Super PACs

The liberal Times editorial page feels betrayed by President Obama's embrace of Super PACs, reversing his position on campaign finance: "He is also telling the country that simply getting ...
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New York Times pro-Islamic Complaint Relies on Group That Got $7 Million from Soros

All the news that's fit to print doesnt include any funding questions for pro-Muslim organization.

'Tis the Season to Fight 'Gross Inequality' and Shrink Our Carbon Footprint

Merry Christmas? The Times' Christmas editorial wishes for "an end to the conditions that cause war: gross inequality, intolerance, the endless, destructive struggle over natural resources..."

Editorial Holds Out Hope for Unenlightened Conservative Mississippians

"Unfortunately, Mississippi voters were not as enlightened, approving a new requirement for identification cards at the polls. But, even the voters in that state, one of the country's most ...

Editorial Cheerleads for 'Inspiring' OWS, Dismisses Violence as 'Fringe'

"The Occupy Wall Street protest continues to inspire demonstrators across the nation and beyond....Headlines lately have focused on two nights of sporadic violence in Oakland, Calif., marked by ...

Sunday Is for Celebrating 'Occupy Wall Street' at the Times

From designing protest logos to filing laudatory editorials and news stories, the Times is celebrating the leftist ("populist") protests on Wall Street: "As the Occupy Wall Street protests spread ...

Public Gets Approval of Times Editorial Board (But Why Don't They Love Obama Anymore?)

A Times lead editorial laments how Americans just don't realize how popular Obama's programs really are: "Leadership Crisis Americans agree with Mr. Obama on a great deal. Why don't they know it?"

Editorial: Pay Up Like Buffett Wants Or Watch Your Mercedes Burn

Over the sanctimonious headline "The Enlightened Want to Be Taxed," Times editors threaten: "But altruism does not fully explain why members of the global elite are suddenly keen to prevent the ...

Times Commemorates 9-11: Rise in Hate Crimes, Xenophobia Against Muslims

The Times' special 9-11 section finds "rising hate crimes" and "antipathy" against Muslims in the U.S....but the "hate crime" rate against Jews is much higher. And an editorial laments the "rise ...

George Soros: Media Mogul

Lefty Businessman Spends Millions Funding Journalism
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