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Douglas Brinkley

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Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley Compares Obama to FDR

President Obama’s annual Christmas vacation wrapped up this past weekend and on Saturday CBS Evening News did its best to promote the president’s 2015 agenda. CBS reporter Chip Reid filed a report ...
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Gergen: Obama's 'Most Significant' Foreign Policy Achievement is Climate Change

On Wednesday, David Gergen ranked a supposed foreign policy accomplishment of President Obama higher than the killing of Osama bin Laden during CNN's special coverage of the Democrat's ...
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On CBS, Brinkley Marvels at 'Very Beautifully Written' Obama Speech; 'Seminal Moment'

Douglas Brinkley predictably fawned over President Obama's apparently "very beautifully written" address marking the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, mere moments ...
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CBS Fawns Over Obama's 'Quite Memorable', 'Extraordinary', 'Historic' Trayvon Speech

Douglas Brinkley predictably gushed over President Obama on Saturday's CBS This Morning, and hailed the Democrat's Friday speech on the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial: "It ...
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Fmr Chavez Adviser Gushes to CNN of His 'Absolutely Extraordinary' Accomplishments

Twelve minutes after reporting the news of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's death, CNN hosted Chavez's close friend and former adviser who lavished praise on his legacy. For over two minutes, ...
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CNN Hails 'New Cult Favorite' Jimmy Carter, Asks If His Image Is 'Being Rehabilitated'

CNN touted ex-president Jimmy Carter as a "new cult favorite" and asked if his image was "being rehabilitated" on Monday's The Situation Room. Liberal historian Douglas Brinkley made the laughably ...
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CNN Turns to Historian Douglas Brinkley Who Hails 'Warm and Engaging' Obama

After President Obama's Monday press conference, liberal historian Douglas Brinkley fawned over him on CNN as a "warm and engaging man," pitted against Republicans who "don't want to be in ...
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Brinkley Boosts Obama Interview on CBS, CNN; Brushes Off President's 'BS-er' Slam

Liberal historian Douglas Brinkley gushed over President Obama on Thursday's CBS This Morning and Friday's CNN Newsroom, and tried to put the incumbent in the best possible light: "He's [Obama] a ...
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On CBS, Douglas Brinkley Marvels at 'Still Very Popular' Kennedys

Liberal historian Douglas Brinkley sang the praises of the Kennedy family on Monday's CBS This Morning, spotlighting the apparently "very important public service work" of Robert F. Kennedy's ...
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