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New York Times Finds Race, Gender Bias in Mitt's Music: 'On Romney Song List, Guys Win, 18 to 1'

New York Times music critic Jon Pareles sniffs out discrimination on Mitt Romney's music "playlist": "There are just two songs by African-Americans, both plush ballads of fidelity...The lone song ...
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Howard Kurtz: Bachmann Should Have Expected Verbal Abuse Because She Ran for President

Michele Bachmann complained that although the media are outraged over an insult of Sandra Fluke, "there is no level of vitriol that's beyond the pale" when the victims are conservative women. ...
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NYT's Stelter Defends Hollywood, Dismisses Idea of H'Wood Palin-Hatred as 'Conspiracy Theory'

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter dismisses conservative concerns that the new HBO movie "Game Change" is an anti-Palin hit piece as a "conspiracy theories," and makes lame excuses why ...
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NYT Sees GOP "Stampede to the Right" in 2012 and a "Hollowed Out" Center in Congress

The Times sees a Republican "stampede to the right" in 2012: "The rightward tilt has consequences for Congress and the Obama administration as it has hollowed out the center in Congress and made ...
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Heartland Institute Warming Skeptics Victimized by Fraud But Still Blamed by Environmental Reporter Revkin

Double standards: Former environmental reporter Andrew Revkin stood arms-length from the leaked emails from the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit that resulted in the "Climategate" scandal that ...
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