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Double Standards

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NYTimes Contrasts 'Relaxed and Loose' Obama With Unsubtle Romney Rallies, 'Mostly White and Older'

When the New York Times sends reporters to compare and contrast the Romney and Obama campaign styles, little surprise who comes off looking best. Times reporter Helene Cooper: "In a re-election ...
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NYT Fashion Reporter on Ryan Phenom: GOP Needs Politician-Inspired 'Sex Dreams' (But Not Dems)

New York Times fashion reporter Cathy Horyn: "The man from Janesville, Wis., was hoisted onto the love pedestal, a nerd suddenly out of his loafers and into the sex dreams of Republicans, who ...
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Stark Favoritism on the Campaign Trail With the New York Times

Paul Ryan was in a shady meeting with a controversial donor, while Mitt Romney was barely noticed on the campaign trail in the Midwest. Meanwhile, gifted orator Barack Obama was celebrated with a ...
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Playing Into Obama's Populist Pose, NYTimes Obsesses Over Romney's Vacation Digs, Rich Donors

Times reporter Richard Stevenson delivers a leftist lecture: "In an era of populist backlashes against the 1 percent and increased concern about the economic and social ramifications of income ...
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NYT: Free Publicity for Lefty Protest of GOP 'Ultrarich;' Obama's Bigger Hollywood Haul Didn't Even Make Print

Tons of free publicity for a left-wing anti-Koch Brothers protest in the NYT: "The event at Mr. Koch's home drew about 200 protesters, who in brochures promoting their demonstration said that ...
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NYT's Liptak Sees Furious, 'Bitter,' Angry Conservatives After ObamaCare

The New York Times Supreme Court reporter dumps synonyms for anger into his story on conservatve reaction to Chief Justice John Roberts' shocking ObamaCare ruling: Fury, bitterness, anger, ...
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NYT Partner Ben Smith: Conservatives Complaining Over Obama-Care on Twitter 'Totally Insane,' 'Not Very Bright'

Ben Smith, who is partnering with the Times for campaign coverage, mocked the reaction of individual conservatives on Twitter to the Supreme Court's ruling on Obama-Care: "I mean, shockingly, ...
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Justice Scalia 'Went Too Far' Talking Immigration, but Ginburg's Liberal Rants Were Welcomed

Ethan Bronner says conservative, "politically incorrect" Justice Antonin Scalia "went too far" after criticizing President Obama’s decision not to deport many illegal immigrants. Yet the paper ...
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Ironic: New York Times Reporter Attacks 'Fox and Friends' for Partisan Slant

Ignoring the liberal slant of virtually every other media outlet, New York Times media reporter Jeremy Peters singled out the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends for partisan slant: "'Fox & ...
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Why Has America Rejected Obama-care? NYT Blames Karl Rove Ads, Conservative Commentators

Why have Americans overwhelmingly rejected Obama-care? Times reporter Abby Goodnough blames Karl Rove and Fox News, hints that Obama-care supporters have the facts on their side: "That success ...
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