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Double Standards

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Survivalists: Paranoid Right-Wingers or Diverse Urbanites? New York Times Can't Decide

Survivalists: Paranoid right-wingers or a shrewd, far-thinking, and diverse urbanites? The New York Times can't decide. Today an editor cited a YouTube video from a left-winger to mock gun-rights ...
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NYT's Mark Leibovich Eagerly Embraces the 'Biden Moment'

New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich, who specializes in profiles of prominent pols, again held back his trademark irreverence when it came to an easy Democratic target: Vice President Joe ...
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NYT Celebrates Mag of 'Mainstream' Marxism vs. 'Tea Party Invective,' 'Capitalist Vampire Squid'

The New York Times celebrated a new proudly Marxist magazine on the front of the Arts section, as reporter Jennifer Schuessler rejoiced as "A Young Publisher Takes Marx Into the Mainstream." ...
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NYT's Tale of Three Inaugurals: 'Questioning the Propriety' of Bush, But 'Cause for Celebration' for Obama

A tale of presidential inaugurations during wartime and strife. In 2005, the year of President George W. Bush's second inauguration, the New York Times was "question[ing] the propriety of a lavish ...
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New York Times Again Unfairly Slams Sarah Palin for Giffords' Shooting

NYT's Peter Baker dredges up an unfair accusation against Sarah Palin: "The use of gun symbolism has at times provoked controversy. After Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot ...
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NYT Double Standards on Race, Religion on Display in Contest to Fill Jesse Jackson Jr. Seat

Double standards on race and religion in the New York Times. The paper's liberal concerns about racism in voting patterns or separation of church and state, so prevalent when discussing white ...
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12 Dissents to Boehner's Reelection as Speaker Signal 'Turmoil and Division'; Pelosi's 19 Dissenting Dems in 2011 Ignored

95% of the House Republican caucus reelected John Boehner as Speaker of the House on Thursday, but the 12 dissenting Republicans attracted intense coverage in the New York Times, including a ...
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NYT's Conservative vs. Liberal Contrast: 'Clashes Over Curbs on Labor' vs. 'New Freedoms in Washington'

New York Times reporters Steven Yaccino and Monica Davey sourly greeted landmark conservative legislation from Michigan, running four paragraphs of quotes from the losing side, compared to three ...
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Congressional Dysfunction? New York Times Blames C-Span Cameras, Gingrich and Santorum

Ina front-page story, reporter Jonathan Weisman seems to pine for the days of Democratic congressional barons making rules behind closed doors: "The advent of C-Span 2, which put cameras in the ...
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New York Times Turns Up Heat on New Chief Executive Mark Thompson -- With Caveats

The paper's slow-boil coverage of an internal controversy has yet to match the front-page intensity it brought to its "damning" reporting on phone hacking by newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch, ...
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