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CBS Puts Ryan on Defensive, Goes Soft on Libya for Biden

While CBS This Morning hosts served Vice President Joe Biden softball questions on mostly horserace issues and debate optics, they challenged Paul Ryan to defend his voting record. "Does ...
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Two NYT Reporters Boast of Obama Leading Romney 'Into a Trap' on Libya, But Romney Was Right

Great minds think alike. New York Times reporter Michael Shear: "Mr. Obama had the look of a man who was watching his rival walk right into a trap." Reporter Helene Cooper, 40 minutes later: "Mr. ...
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NBC Asks Biden About Obama 'Disqualifying' Romney; Asks Ryan if Obama 'Won Back Momentum'

Displaying a stunning double standard on Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie gave Vice President Joe Biden plenty of room to applaud President Obama's debate performance, while ...
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CNN (Again) Hosts Lib Journalist Carole Simpson, Who Says 'People Person' Obama Enjoys Debate Advantage

Former debate moderator (and liberal journalist) Carole Simpson has been making the media rounds before Tuesday's presidential debate, giving President Obama the edge and implying that the ...
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NBC's Seacrest to Michelle Obama: Does President 'Look to You for Encouragement' During Debates?

In a fawning softball interview with First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday's NBC Today, special correspondent Ryan Seacrest was eager to know how she helps the President during debates: "What did ...
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NBC's Lauer and Jennifer Granholm Demand Romney Explain His 'Move to the Middle'

On Tuesday's NBC Today, during a panel discussion previewing the second presidential debate, co-host Matt Lauer mandated that Mitt Romney answer charges that he's moderated his positions: "How ...
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CNN Hosts Liberal Journalist Carole Simpson, Who Gives Edge to Obama In Tuesday's Debate

Liberal journalist Carole Simpson is at it again. The former debate moderator returned to CNN and cast doubt on Mitt Romney's expectations while building up President Obama's, on Monday. "I ...
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After Claiming First Debate Had Little Impact, NBC's Todd Now Says Race 'Shifted Fundamentally'

On Monday's NBC Today, political director Chuck Todd analyzed the state of the presidential race following a series of new national polls showing a slight Romney lead: "Well, look, the first ...
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Stephanopoulos Initially Hedges on Biden-Ryan Clash, But Later Claims Biden 'Stops Erosion Among Democrats'

Former Clinton administration flack and current ABC personality George Stephanopoulos slanted towards Joe Biden after Thursday night's vice presidential debate between the incumbent and challenger ...
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CBS Asks Axelrod Four Questions on Debate, Saves Libya Controversy for Last Question

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, co-hosts Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell waited until the fifth interview question to press Obama adviser David Axelrod about the fiasco in Libya. The question ...
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