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‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo: ‘I Get Angry’ that There is a Debate Over Climate Change

Actor and director bellows against climate skepticism, fracking, sets 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2050.
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Are Obama and Romney's Views 'Starkly Different' or in Alignment? NYT Front Page Can't Decide

A front-page New York Times photo caption on the thrid and last presidential debate claimed "The two rivals offered starkly different views of the world," but a front-page story suggested "the ...
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ABC's Post-Debate Liberal Slant: Raddatz Hypes How Obama 'Humanized' Issues; Weir Complains About Climate Change

Martha Raddatz boosted President Obama on ABC after the final presidential debate on Monday evening, just as she did during the earlier vice presidential debate that she moderated. Raddatz ...
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New York Times' Tom Friedman Contends Benghazi Controversy 'Utterly Contrived'

New York Times foreign affairs columnist Tom Friedman, who three weeks ago derided Mitt Romney for how he " if he learned his foreign policy at the International House of Pancakes," ...
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NYTimes Forwards Fog-of-War Excuse for Obama's Botched Libya Response, Ignores His UN Speech

New York Times reporter Eric Schmitt forwards fog-of-war excuses for the Obama administration's botched response to the fatal attacks on Americans in Benghazi. "It would be several days, however, ...
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Debate Night: Will Liberal Bob Schieffer Be the Next Candy Crowley?

A review of the record shows moderator Bob Schieffer has tilted left in his previous visits to the presidential debate stage, and his approach as a CBS correspondent and anchor is that of a ...
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NYT's Egan Calls Romney 'Toff' With '1956' Mentality, Spreads Phony Tale of Ryan Washing Clean Dishes

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan: "It’s clear now that the Romney of Denver was no more real than Paul Ryan pretending to wash those already clean dishes for a photo op in a soup kitchen." ...

Panic at New York Times? Two Lead Editorials Tar Romney as Sexist and Radical

The easily frightened liberals on the New York Times editorial board fancied they heard '50s-style sexism in an utterly reasonable observation made by Mitt Romney during the second debate about ...
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CBS's Crawford Exposes Obama's Deception on Benghazi Attack

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Jan Crawford devoted a full story to President Obama's deceptive claim that he called the Benghazi attack an "act of terror" early on, as she ...
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NYTimes Videocast Hits Disrespectful, 'Peevish' Romney's 'Serious Gaffe' on Libya -- But Contradicted By Own Editors

Times reporter Michael Barbaro: "Let be go back to something Jackie said, you know, when Mitt Romney announced on national television in a debate that President Obama didn't say the word ...
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