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CBS's Dickerson Questions 'Claim' That California Judge in Prop 8 Ruling Openly Gay

During a discussion of California's Proposition 8 being overturned on CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday, fill-in host John Dickerson questioned Family Research Council President Tony Perkins's ...

CNN Airs Gushing Two-Part Report on 'Powerhouse' Anti-Prop 8 Lawyers

CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger returned to her roots as a slanted journalist on Wednesday's Newsroom with a glowing two-part report on Ted Olson and David Boies, the former rivals in ...

NY Times Hailed as 'One of the Most Gay-Friendly Institutions in the World'

Former Newsweek Editor Charles Kaiser gushed on Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger: "Practically overnight, he transformed what had been a relentlessly homophobic place into one of the most ...
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