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Dan Savage

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Savaging Prime Time: ABC Orders Comedy Based on Gay Sex Provocateur

Anti-Christian bully to bring his bile to a sitcom.
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Dan Savage: Charge Parents For Murder After Teen’s Suicide

Classic example of the left using tragedy to make political and social revolution
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Exploiting the 'Sex Box'

The "We TV" channel plans a new show in 2015 called "Sex Box." It's another attempt to "help" Americans with their reluctance to talk about sex.
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Five Years of H8 from NOH8

Pro-gay marriage group has plenty of celebrity h8ers.
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MSNBC's Hayes Marks 'Real Milestone' of Jason Collins Coming Out

On Monday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes celebrated the coming out of gay NBA player Jason Collins as he tagged the development as a "real milestone," a "watershed moment," "something ...
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Lower Ed: MTV Teaches Savage Sex to Adolescents

Network thinks professional pervert Dan Savage should be educating 14-yr-olds.
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Pathetic Dan Savage

So-called "Gay Pride Month" for the MTV and gay Logo channels to announce a second "It Gets Better" anti-bullying special starring their favorite gay bully, Dan Savage.
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The Real Dan Savage Part II: Proudly Perverse

Americans tempted to turn to Dan Savage’s Seattle sex-advice column shouldn’t waste time. No matter what the question or how perverted the urge, Savage will – using the crudest ...
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The Real Dan Savage: The Bully against Bullying

Gay, anti-bullying activist despises Christians and refers to heterosexuals as ‘breeders’ in his books.
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Dan Savage: America has a ‘Christianity and a Bible problem’

Man thrown out of talk says anti-bullying speaker claimed ‘pope is projecting’ or ‘pope is secretly gay.’ 
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