ABC: 'Potential Wave of Domestic Terror' vs NBC: 'No Spike' in Hate Group Activity

ABC's Pierre Thomas on Thursday night delivered an ominous story on how "radicals of the ultra-fringe, filled with rage about illegal immigration, fear of losing their guns, abortion and race ...

CNN's Sanchez Again Teams with Leftists to Slam Conservatives

Anchor Rick Sanchez used another crazed gunman's rampage to blast conservative media during CNN's Newsroom program on Thursday, and brought on Media Matters' Eric Boehlert as his aide to bash talk ...

Egan Exploits Gun Massacres to Call for Gun Control

Liberal reporter turned blogger tries to use his Western street cred to argue for stricter gun control.

NYT Runs EPA Photos of Enviro-Criminals, Not FBI Ones

The suddenly tough-on-crime Times is comfortable running "wanted posters" from the politically correct EPA. Yet it ran an article approving of another paper's decision not to run FBI photos of two ...

Striving to Paint a More Positive Picture of a Cop-Killer

Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers - but was he also a victim of the California penal system?

GOP "Nativists" & Racists Against Illegal Immigration

The Times reaches back to the "racist Willie Horton ads" to suggest many in the GOP are racist extremists on immigration. And did you know the NRA was "extremist" as well?

Is Government to Blame for Rise in Black-on-Black Murder?

Government to blame for the rise in black-on-black murder rates? A news report by Eric Eckholm stresses the possibility: "A report blames cuts in community policing and social programs."

OK for AFL-CIO to Bash McCain, Yet Anti-Obama Mail Racially Suspect?

A tale of two mailings: One reporter revels in the the AFL-CIO's big political push against McCain, while another laments ", harsh anti-Obama literature in my mailbox."

Defending Amnesty for Ilegals: The Times Loses It

A Times news story actually suggests that the killing of an illegal in a PA town could have been inspired by a mild anti-illegal immigration ordinance from two years ago, in a town 20 miles away.

Iraq Vets: Alcoholic Criminals?

Lizette Alvarez seizes on "anecdotal evidence" to find alcohol abuse rising among combat vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan - the latest entry in the Times' notorious "War Torn" series of ...
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