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Nick Jonas ‘Flaunts’ it for Cosmo

You’ve come a long way from promise rings, baby.
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Lefty Media Love Profane, Anti-Catholic Disney ‘Art’

Gay drug use in the Magic Kingdom? Sign HuffPo up!
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Planned Parenthood Bestows “Excellence in Media Award” to Cosmo

If ever two groups deserved each other ...
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Katy Perry to Cosmo: Crystals ‘Attract the Male’

Celebrity wisdom on parade.
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Transgender Erotica Awards Host a ‘T.E.A. Party’

Cosmo hypes tranny porn awards.
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Cosmo Hosts the ‘2014 Sex Olympics’

The Olympics you don’t want to watch.
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Cosmo Special: ‘How Abortion Changed Our Relationship’

Women’s sex magazine profiles couples who aborted.
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Cosmo’s ‘Holiday Sextacular’ Presents ‘Twelve Days of Sex Moves’

Sleazing up a Christmas classic.
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Cosmo: ‘Cool’ Women Go to Strip Clubs

Magazine encourages young women to follow the latest strip club trend.

Sex-Crazed Cosmo Highlights Women Who Don't Have Sex

Women's magazine finds seven virgins who are not holding out for religious reasons or for marriage.
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