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Oops: Alessandra Stanley Imagines a Farewell 'Highlight Reel' for Ann Curry

The Times' error-prone TV-beat reporter Alessandra Stanley, apparently relying on an online clip of Ann Curry's last appearance as Today show host, devoted a paragraph to a "highlight reel" that ...

Editor Finds Rep. Issa's Retraction Demands 'Troubling' - But Hit Piece Has Been Corrected 3 Times

Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet gets huffy with Rep. Darrell Issa for demanding a retraction of a hostile story by reporter Eric Lichtblau: "I'd like to say that it is troubling to see your ...

Times Reporter Gets Another Chance After 'Cringe-Making' Story of Young Gang Rape Victim

After the Times ran what he called a "cringe-making" and "ham-handed article" that some thought blamed an 11-year-old gang rape victim in Texas, Executive Editor Bill Keller ordered up a follow-up ...

After Lawsuit, Times Finally Corrects Record on Brandon Darby, But False Text Remains

FBI informant Brandon Darby filed suit against the Times last week after the paper falsely accused him of having encouraged a firebombing of the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul. ...

Times Botches Quote By Limbaugh Guest Host on Obama's Address to Schoolchildren

After getting wrong a quote from conservative journalist Mark Steyn in a hostile front-page story, the Times runs a correction.

Public Editor Lets Alessandra Stanley Off the Hook a Little for Awful Cronkite Obit

Clark Hoyt: "The Times published an especially embarrassing correction on July 22, fixing seven errors in a single article - an appraisal of Walter Cronkite, the CBS anchorman famed for his ...

Error-Prone Alessandra Keeps Corrections Box in Business With Cronkite Tribute

The latest correction to an Alessandra Stanley story ends on a note of exasperation: "The earlier version also misstated the date of the first moon landing; it was July 20, 1969, not July 26. And ...

"Mass" Ignorance of Catholic Liturgy at the Times

Going once, going twice, going three times: "No Mass is said on Good Friday."

Yep: The Times Got Pranked By the "Dating a Banker Anonymous" Girls

Newsweek reports that "what the Times described as a 'support group' of about 30 women is actually a full-blown parody...They don't fact check the emails, or the gossip, and the posts are ...

Don't Trust Your Life to the Times

If Mark Twain were alive, he might have expanded his cautionary witticism: "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
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