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‘True Blood’ Creator Says Conservatives Are the Same as Vampires

Undead raunch show’s fifth season will include vampire extremist group as allegory for Christians and GOP.
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Wolf Blitzer Asks the Conservative-Bashing Questions of GOP-Bashing Guest

On Thursday's The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer simply tossed softballs to GOP-bashing Norm Ornstein, who had hit the party before as "extreme" and "unmoved by conventional understanding ...
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CNN Contributor: Conservatives are ‘Anti-Science,’ ‘Anti-Woman’

Conservatives are ‘Flat Earthers’ who want women to ‘take up their vacuum cleaners.’
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CNN Welcomes Mourdock to Senate Race: Aren't You Going to 'Undermine' American Unity If You Win?

After CNN's Erin Burnett lamented the defeat of "moderate" Dick Lugar in Indiana's GOP Senate primary, Wednesday's Starting Point panel had a cold welcome for the victorious Tea Party ...
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CBS Aghast at Ted Nugent's Profanity, But Honored Bill Maher by Reading His Op-Ed

CBS was shocked at conservative rocker Ted Nugent's on-camera outburst during an interview, and made sure to report that he endorsed Mitt Romney. However, the same network deemed liberal ...
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Maddow on 'Today': ObamaCare Decision Will Be 'Referendum' On 'Conservatively Politicized' Supreme Court

Appearing on Tuesday's NBC Today, left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow spun the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare as being a judgment of how partisan the high court has become: "...this may as ...
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What Does the New York Times Have Against Texas A&M?

The Times makes another attack on the "conservative" student body of the rare right-leaning college campus: "While many undocumented students found Mr. Zelaya’s campaign inspiring, his defeat ...
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CNN Hypes 'Exploding' Number of 'Extremist' Anti-Gov't Groups

CNN let the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center brand many right-wing "patriot" groups as "extremist" and racist on Friday afternoon. CNN host Brooke Baldwin simply listened to the SPLC talking ...
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CNN Host Castigates 'Another Conservative' Ed Schultz for Sexism

Railing against radio hosts demeaning women, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield called liberal radio host Ed Schultz a "conservative," implying that conservative talking heads are the ones acting sexist ...

Not Even 'Angry Conservatives' Likes 'Watching Grass Wilt' Because Of State Cuts

More Texas liberalism in the "news" section: "The hypothesis here - and an election is a fast way to test it - is that even conservatives want government to function. Maybe they don't like the ...
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