ME Jill Abramson Denies the NY Times Is "A Liberal Rag"

Managing Editor Jill Abramson talks to readers at and volunteers: "I'm well aware that various conservative commentators regularly and loudly denounce The Times for being 'a liberal ...

NYT: Silly Conservatives Overreact to Obama's Harmless Speech to Schoolkids

Sam Dillon reports on "classrooms cheering" on President Obama's nationally broadcast address to schoolchildren, dismisses the "conservative firestorm" as paranoid and scrapes up anecdotal ...

CBS Sees Conservative Manipulation Behind ObamaCare Protests

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Ben Tracy filed a report linking angry protesters opposing ObamaCare to conservative groups, examining the possibility that the "outrage" has been ...

Conservatives, let this be our Waterloo

It's time the right teaches Obama his victory was short-lived.

MSNBC Features NYT Columnist to Deride Hypocrisy of Red State Conservatives

MSNBC's Carlos Watson on Monday provided a friendly forum for New York Times opinion writer Charles Blow to link red states and social conservatism with the hypocrisy of sex scandal-ridden ...

Strange Days: Obama's Opposition to Gay Marriage a Good Thing?

Yes, apparently, as long as it keeps the GOP down, implies Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus: "But the admissions of extramarital adventures by two Republican stalwarts, Gov. Mark Sanford of ...

Is Reader's Digest Move to the Right Putting It Outside Mainstream?

Stephanie Clifford (pictured) got in some cheap digs at Mary Berner of Reader's Digest, who is retrenching the magazine toward its conservative roots.

"God, Guns and Gays" Are "Wedge Issues" for Today's GOP

A Connecticut-based reporter highlights an upcoming Gingrich visit in snide fashion: "Newt Gingrich is to address a shrinking Connecticut Republican Party that has sworn off God, guns and gays as ...

GOP's "Angry," "Negative" Tone Killing the Party

The Times' chief politcal reporter says Rush Limbaugh is definitely not a "Happy Warrior." But has Adam Nagourney ever actually heard Rush's show?

Charles Blow's Latest Conservative-Baiting

Blow defends a notorious Department of Homeland Security report tarring anyone active in conservative causes like abortion or immigration as potential extremists.
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