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MRC President Brent Bozell to appear on FNC's Kelly File at 9:40 p.m. EST


Hulse Still Stands With Democrats on Extending Unemployment Benefits

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse: "Republicans rejected Democratic assertions that they were being heartless and said they recognized the need for unemployment aid....Democrats say Republicans ...

NYT Interviewer Deborah Solomon Meets Right-Wing Pol Rand Paul, Hostility Ensues

Deborah Solomon once again making conservatives comfortable in her Times Magazine interviews: "You haven't even served in government for five minutes."

CBS's Smith Asks Obama About Talk Radio 'Enmity': 'Does it Bother You?'

In a fawning interview with President Obama on Thursday, CBS Early Show co-host Harry Smith spoke of the "enmity" of conservative talk radio and sympathetically wondered: "Does it bother you a ...

Behar Claims Liberals More Intelligent and Open-Minded Than Conservatives

The latest edition of CBS's "Sunday Morning" featured a glowing profile of "The View" co-host Joy Behar in which the stand-up comic implied that conservatives are not intelligent and insisted that ...

Scary: Right-Wingers in Utah 'to Cast Out Those They Deem to Have Strayed' Like Sen. Bob Bennett.

Jeff Zeleny finds scary right-wingers in Utah: "The Tea Party movement and advocacy groups on the right are demanding that candidates hew strictly to their ideological standards, and are moving ...

Sanchez Hints GOP, 'Crazy Talk Show Hosts' to Blame For Violent Threats

CNN's Rick Sanchez repeatedly insinuated on his Rick's List program on Wednesday that Republican leaders and "crazy talk show hosts that are so right wing" were to blame for ten congressman ...

Calmes Again Puts Onus for Deficit Reduction on Minority-Party GOP

Yeah! Retired Republican Senator Alan Simpson set "to challenge the party's antitax orthodoxy" according to reporter Jackie Calmes.

Al Franken, 'Moderate'? Even the Times' Public Editor Sees Something Awry

Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt devotes a rare column to labeling bias suggesting conservatives have legitimate complaints with the paper's "conservative" (and "neoconservative") labeling habits.

Times Obsesses Over Texas 'Conservatives' Changing Curriculum, Ignores Far-Left Hispanic Group's Protest

Austin-based reporter James McKinley Jr. constantly declaims about "conservatives" who want to soften the liberal edge of school textbooks, but ignores the presence of the far-left Hispanic ...

ABC's John Hendren Derides: CPAC Attendees Represent the Right and 'the Far Right'

Good Morning America's John Hendren on Saturday fretted that attendees to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) came "from the right" and "the far right." He allowed that ...
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