CNN: Conservative 'Anti-Gay' Groups Are Part of the Bullying Problem

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and author Rosalind Wiseman agreed on Monday's Anderson Cooper 360 that conservative groups who oppose protective measures for gay students simply treat ...

The Perfect HuffPo Entry: Liberal Condescension and Anti-Reagan Revisionism

Lefty list of 'overrated' figures combines snobbery with untruth.

Rick Sanchez: CNN is 'Middle'; Fox News 'Way, Way, Way to the Right'

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez returned to his obsession with Fox News, stating that the network "obviously tends to lean way, way, way to the right." He did acknowledge this his ...

Book of Poetry, Cartoons Explains Conservative Views

Businessman's stories aimed at teaching kids conservative values through rhyme.

Network Double Standard: Elena Kagan vs. Samuel Alito

In the 36 hours after President Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court in 2005, network reporters explicitly labeled him "conservative" ten times. Over the same period this time, Obama ...

CNN's Acosta: Tea Partiers are 'Recession-Raging Conservatives'

CNN's Jim Acosta continued his network's bias against tea party protesters on Wednesday's American Morning by depicting them as "recession raging," and questioned one participant over her ...

Newsweek's Fineman Applauds Obama's "Most Conservative" SOTU Speech

Despite its laundry list of liberal initiatives, Newsweek's Howard Fineman declared Wednesday's State of the Union address "one of the most conservative speeches that a Democratic president has ...
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Exhibit 2-22: News Media Both Too Liberal and Too Powerful

The results of a survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted October 22-23, 2009 by Rasmussen Reports suggest most voters believe media bias skews government policy to the left.
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