ABC Highlights Black Republicans Running for Congress

ABC's World News Sunday gave attention to black Republicans who have a good chance of getting elected in this year's congressional elections, focusing on Tim Scott of South Carolina and Ryan ...

ABC: Boehner 'May Actually Meet With a Man Who's Dressed Up in a Nazi Uniform'

On Saturday's Good Morning America, ABC's David Kerley not only asserted that House Republican Leader John Boehner "may" meet with a controversial Republican congressional nominee who has a ...

Carl Hulse on GOP Candidates With 'a Very Conservative if Not Extreme Agenda'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse has some chuckles at the expense of "extreme" Republican candidates: I thought what [the Times pollster] said was interesting about voters being willing to vote ...

DeMint: Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman Caucusing with GOP for Control of Senate 'Possible'

U.S. Senator tells CNBC's 'The Kudlow Report' viewers Nelson will have to switch parties to win re-election and Lieberman may be 'more comfortable' with Republicans.

This Year's Midterm Elections Are All about Freedom

The federal government has pursued arbitrary, rather than constitutional powers; the voters will decide if the nation will continue to drift away from freedom.

Obama the Tax Cutter: A Network Fairy Tale

Despite Obama's tax hikes and campaign against 'tax cuts' for the wealthy, broadcast evening news shows portray president as taxcutters' champion.

CBS Story on 'Fighter' Alan Grayson Ignores False Taliban Ad

In a story on Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson's bid for reelection on Sunday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Michelle Miller described the left-wing bomb thrower this way: "Freshman ...

CBS Puffs Pelosi: 'One of the Most Effective Speakers in Congressional History'

On CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Rita Braver conducted a fawning interview with Nancy Pelosi, portraying the widely unpopular Speaker of the House as a strong leader taking on her opponents: ...

AP Laments 'Productive' Congress 'Gets No Respect From Voters'

To Associated Press writer Jim Abrams, this session of Congress has been "most productive in nearly half a century," but voters are failing to give due credit to the Democratic majorities. Abrams ...
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