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NY Times Helps Hagel Across the Finish Line: 'Incendiary,' Uncollegial Opponents 'Have Not Found Much'

Reporter Jeremy Peters says there's nothing to see here: "Independent political groups have mobilized to try to dig up anything unflattering on Mr. Hagel. Though they have not found much, the ...
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New York Times Again Rushes to Defense of Scandal-Ridden Democratic Sen. Menendez

As if to make up for helping put the story into the mainstream press, the New York Times is engaging in defense of scandal-plagued Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez. Last Sunday the paper very ...
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NYT's Trip Gabriel Warns GOP: Don't Rule Out Hollywood Star Ashley Judd as a Senator

New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel promoted movie star and aspiring liberal politician Ashley Judd: "Kentuckians Don’t Rule Out a Star as a Senator." Gabriel wrote: "How serious could such a ...
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Jesse Jackson Jr. Charged With Blowing $750,000 in Campaign Cash; ABC Allows 18 Seconds

Former Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was charged on Friday with improperly spending $750,000 of campaign funds on items such as Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee memorabilia (among other ...
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NY Times Suggests Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz Takes Confrontation to New Lows of 'McCarthyism'

Reporter Jonathan Weisman is shocked, shocked to find partisanship in the U.S. Senate: "Without naming names, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, offered a biting label for the ...

Horrors! Sen. Menendez (D) Scandal Uncovered by Republican Group, NYT Chides on Sunday's Front Page

Eric Lipton made the front page of Sunday's Times with a strange sort of rebuttal to the paper's investigation into influence-peddling scandals surrounding Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez: ...
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NBC Elevates Matthews’ Mendacity to Meet the Press, Right Wing Has Made Congress ‘Undemocratic’

It’s bad enough that Chris Matthews gets two hours a day on MSNBC to showcase his anti-conservative rants, but why does host David Gregory undermine any pretense that NBC News is not the same ...
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More Sympathy for Hagel in NY Times; GOP 'Further Strain Partisan Tensions' by Unprecedented (?) Filibuster

Boo hoos on Chuck Hagel's delayed nomination from Times reporter Jeremy Peters: "Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked President Obama’s nominee to lead the Pentagon in a defiant move likely to ...
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Conservative Republicans Ruining the Comity of the Senate, Chides NYT's Steinhauer

Jennifer Steinhauer: "But Senate Republicans, in particular, who have added more conservative members to their ranks in the last two years, and who fear the constant and imminent threat of ...
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