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CNN Pundit Shrugs Off Obama's Lie: 'Every President Is Going to Lie to You'

On CNN Sunday evening, liberal ESPN columnist LZ Granderson justified the President's repeated lie about ObamaCare, claiming that Americans knew he did it for their own good. "And, time and ...
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CNN's Cuomo Dismisses Challenge to Birth Control Mandate as 'Growing Distraction' from Fixing ObamaCare

CNN's Chris Cuomo called the legal challenge to ObamaCare's birth control mandate a "growing distraction from dealing with the problems of ObamaCare" on Wednesday's New Day. "It also raises ...
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CNN Ignores Report Obama Admin Knew Millions Would Lose Employer Insurance Under ObamaCare

CNN has ignored a CBS report that back in 2010, the Obama administration knew ObamaCare would force an estimated 14 million workers off their employer-provided insurance. Despite not reporting ...
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CNN Tees Up Comedian to Defend ObamaCare; 'Let's Give It a Chance'

On CNN Sunday evening, anchor Martin Savidge teed up comedian George Wallace to stand up for the law and plead with Americans to "give it a chance. Let's get together instead of knocking it." ...
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CNN Accuses Ted Cruz of Being 'Dangerous' With 'Political Spin' on ObamaCare

A day after a high-ranking Medicare official estimated that "30 to 40 percent" of ObamaCare's federal exchange hasn't even been built more than a month after its rollout, CNN's Chris Cuomo ...
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CMS Official Says '30 to 40 Percent' of Federal Exchange Not Working; CNN Ignores

On Tuesday and Wednesday, CNN ignored a bombshell revelation that "30 to 40" percent of the online federal exchange has not been completed almost two months after its rollout. CNN prefaced the ...
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Daily Beast's Beinart Says Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage 'Deny the Most Basic Rights'

The panel on Monday's AC360 Later included three NYC liberals and was unanimous in its support of same-sex marriage. The topic was the spat between Liz and Mary Cheney. "I don't think you can ...
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Harvey Weinstein Says on CNN 'Obama's Not Embarrassing; the Country Is Embarrassing'

On Friday night's Piers Morgan Live, Obama donor Harvey Weinstein excused President Obama's insurance lie as a "mistake" and said that America is "embarrassing," not President Obama. "[T]his is ...
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CNN's Cuomo: Is Uproar Over 'One Slice' Losing Insurance a GOP 'Straw Man' to 'Distract' the Media?

CNN's Chris Cuomo was in full ObamaCare-apologist mode on Friday's New Day, asking if the uproar over millions losing their insurance wasn't a "straw man" that Republicans were "distracting" ...
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CNN's Berman Scoffs at ObamaCare Repeal; 'The Plan Passed'

After President Obama's Thursday press conference on his ObamaCare "fix," CNN's John Berman declared the ObamaCare debate over and pushed Republicans to cooperate in fixing it. "That was the ...
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